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To mark the death of Inbox, Spark is now available for Android

On this day, April 2, 2019, we say goodbye to Inbox by Gmail. While this is sad news, we have some good news. If you’re still searching for a new email client, Spark, a popular app on iOS and MacOS, is now available for Android.

Just like Inbox, Spark focuses on creating an email experience that’s smart about organizing your messages. The hope in sorting and prioritizing your emails is to reduce the amount of clutter and provide you with a distraction-free experience.

Inbox by Gmail users should feel right at home with Spark’s various tools. Out of the gate, the email client includes features such as the ability to snooze emails, send later, reminders to follow-up on sent messages, pins, and smart search functionality.

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By default, you’re brought into Spark’s “Smart Inbox” when you open the app. This section of the email client organizes your various messages into groups to help you find what you’re looking for. It also shuffles emails around so that messages that it deems important are shown first.

These smart features expand out to the app’s notifications. So that your day isn’t interrupted by new emails every several minutes, Spark can be set only to notify you when it thinks something important is sent to you. This way you can focus on your work instead of seeing every newsletter or spam message that comes into your inbox.

Spark for Android Smart Inbox

If you’re like me and dislike some of the “smart” features, you can disable them in the app’s settings. There’s also a standard “Inbox” view that shows all of your messages from every account in a single chronological list.

And speaking of settings, almost every aspect of the Spark app can be customized to your liking. In addition to changing some of the general look and feel, users can personalize the swiping gestures and Smart Inbox so that the app works best for them.

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One of the best features of Spark is that it now works cross-platform and saves your various email addresses. Once you go through the process of setting up an account and adding every email address you have, you can sign in on another device and not hassle with the setup process again.

Finally, Spark has features explicitly made for teams. If your organization chooses to use the email client, you can work with your coworkers to create emails together in real-time as well as delegate specific tasks to members right from the app.

Spark for Android Settings Menu

The developers behind Spark state that they want to get the email app on Android on par feature-wise with the iOS version. To this end, Spark on Android will soon get updated to Include third party Integrations, calendar support, quick replies, email templates, and email delegation for teams.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to Inbox by Gmail, you can download Spark for Android by clicking on the button below. The app is entirely free and doesn’t include ads or in-app purchases.

Source of the article – Android Authority