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US Mobile debuts all-new unlimited plans, includes free streaming subscriptions

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There is no shortage of prepaid mobile plans out there. Though many of these are quite affordable, some of them don’t offer unlimited talk, text, or data. For those of us that have grown accustomed to using these freely, this can be a hard thing to get used to. Thankfully, one of the best prepaid providers — US Mobile — now offers an unlimited plan, and it comes with some sweet perks.

US Mobile’s new unlimited plan costs only $40 a month, which includes 50GB of unhindered 4G LTE goodness. Users who go over that line may see throttled speeds in some cases, but that’s true for nearly all unlimited plans. For only $5 extra per month, users can add hotspot functionality to their plan, and another $5 will increase their data speeds even more.

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On top of that, when customers add multiple lines to their plans, US Mobile will throw in some of the best streaming services and subscriptions for free. With each added line, users choose from an increasing list of options for up to three free services.

Adding a second line lets customers pick either Slacker Plus LiveXLive, Pandora Plus, or Apple TV Plus. Adding a third line lets users also choose either Disney Plus (bundled with Hulu and ESPN Plus), Netflix, Audible, Spotify Family, or Apple Music Family. If they add a fourth line, users can also choose between PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

If you are tired of how expensive your existing phone plan is, you might want to give US Mobile a look. Its new super affordable unlimited plan paired with its solid subscription perks make for one hell of a competitive offering. Plus, the service uses T-Mobile and Verizon networks, so you can take solace in knowing you will get coverage nearly everywhere in the US.

US Mobile offers a few other benefits over the competition too, so head over to the website in the link below to check it out for yourself.

US Mobile Unlimited Plan This prepaid service just got a lot better
US Mobile was previously known for its affordable pay-as-you-go prepaid plans. Now, the carrier has launched its new Unlimited Plan, and it’s worth a look, especially since plans with multiple lines get free Spotify, Netflix, Disney Plus, PlayStation Plus, or several other subscription services for free.

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