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Xiaomi reveals 100-watt charging and it destroys the next best solution

100 watt charging demonstration by Xiaomi. Weibo/Bin Lin

Both Huawei and Oppo have been pushing charging technology in 2018, as Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro offered 40 watt speeds and the Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition delivered a 50 watt charging rate. Now, Xiaomi has demonstrated 100-watt charging technology that could put these prior solutions to shame.

Xiaomi CEO Bin Lin posted a video to Weibo (h/t: 91Mobiles), showing a fast charging comparison between an unnamed Xiaomi device with a 4,000mAh battery and what seems to be the Oppo R17 Pro. The latter phone packs two batteries totalling 3,700mAh and 50-watt charging speeds.

The video shows the Xiaomi phone hitting 100 percent capacity in just 17 minutes, while the Oppo device finishes the test at the 65 percent mark. It’s a pretty impressive result, especially when Oppo’s phone boasts arguably the fastest commercially available charging solution right now.

Editor’s Pick

It wouldn’t be the first time the company offers fast charging tech either, as evident by the Mi 9. Its 2019 flagship delivers 27-watt wired charging, as well as 20 watt wireless charging via an optional charging pad. But when could we see 100-watt charging on a Xiaomi device?

The brand hasn’t revealed any more details about the so-called Super Charge Turbo standard, but an executive seemed to confirm that Redmi devices will offer the technology. So we might just see super-fast charging on budget-minded phones in the future…

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