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You need to see this amazing Samsung Galaxy A80 pop-up rotating camera GIF

Samsung Galaxy A80 pop up rotating camera Yugatech

Samsung has unveiled a couple of new A series phones and while you can read all about the boring specs, availability and other details here, the only thing you really need to see is this incredible GIF of the Galaxy A80 pop-up rotating camera.

Just look at this thing:

The Galaxy A80's rotating camera shown off in a rotating video. Yugatech

I must have watched this GIF loop close to a hundred times. It’s downright mesmerizing and perhaps even a little disconcerting.

Pop-up cameras aren’t a new concept by any means, with the Vivo Nex, Mi Mix 3, and Oppo Find X the most famous examples of the novel design trend.

Up until now the pop-up conversation has been around whether or not it’s a valid way of eliminating notches from bezel-less displays while keeping the selfie camera alive.

Editor’s Pick

Rather than getting caught in the squabble, Samsung has thrown a massive curveball and torn out both the notch and the selfie camera and instead replaced it with, well, this thing.

Concerns will inevitably arise regarding build quality and repairability, but when faced with something this bizarre we should just start with the most basic question: Do you love it or hate it?

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Source of the article – Android Authority