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Check out these weirdly adorable AirPods cases

Looking for a case to protect your AirPods from life’s little bumps? But you don’t want an ordinary, everyday case; you want something really weird and different! Check out these weirdly fun and adorable cases for your AirPods or your AirPods Pro.

For first and second-generation AirPods


Joyleop Quicksand AirPods Case

Staff Favorite

Who wouldn’t want a glitter waterfall case for their AirPods? Most people, probably, but you’re not most people! In addition to the pineapple shown here, you can also pick up waterfall-style Mickey, Minnie, avocado, or strawberry.

From $11 at Amazon

Mmm, ramen


Looking like a tiny Cup O’ Noodles ramen soup, this case protects your AirPods while humorously reminding everyone of your favorite savory, salty comfort food.

$13 at Amazon


Mulafnxal AirPods Case

Poocha Chubugga Oom Chickee! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is the must-have case for fans of Lilo and Stitch. There is also a pink version in this listing, and randomly, a pineapple.

$11 at Amazon

Fun choices

Lupct AirPods Case

You’ll find a dozen different adorably different AirPods cases here. Make your AirPods look like a camera, kids’ happy meal, gaming console, sports jersey, popular coffee logo, ice cream pint, and more.

$13 at Amazon

Big faux diamond

i-Blason Gems Series Case Designed for Airpods

A giant faux gem isn’t that weird, but it definitely stands out from the crowd in a fun way. The “gem facets” actually add some grip to your AirPods case, plus a PU leather wrist strap adds even more security.

$15 at Amazon

Little monster

Case-Mate – Airpods Case – Creature Pods

Meet Spike. This little guy is delightfully whimsical without being too over-the-top. Case-Mate makes tons of colorful AirPods cases, including a handful of these silly creatures.

$20 at Amazon

Smells sweet

Xmifer AirPods Case

I wouldn’t actually encourage sniffing your AirPods, no matter how tempting it is when they’re nestled in this perfume bottle case. You can choose from several different colors and styles, and each one comes with a matching fluffy pom-pom keychain, just because.

$12 at Amazon

Familiar characters

Twinkler AirPods Case

Take a look at the dozen or so adorable, colorful, and familiar characters on display here. You’re sure to find one to love.

$11 at Amazon

For Airpods Pro

Switch it up

Joyleop Case Compatible With AirPods Pro

The case looks like a miniature version of your favorite video game console. This listing also offers cases that resemble other gaming consoles, a popular coffee beverage, a superhero’s shield, and more.

From $11 at Amazon

Coffee time

LKDEPO AirPods Pro Case

Store your AirPods Pro in a cartoon version of your favorite coffee beverage, ice cream, avocado, strawberry, burger, cheese, or pineapple.

$12 at Amazon

Cartoon characters

LKDEPO Cartoon AirPods Pro Case

Well over a dozen cartoon characters populate this listing, such as Minnie, Mickey, Pooh, Piglet, Stitch, Olaf, Snoopy, Spongebob, and Patrick.

$12 at Amazon

For Star Wars fans

KKY AirPods Pro Case

You have two villainous options if you’re a Star Wars fan here: Darth Vader or a stormtrooper. Come on over the dark side.

$11 at Amazon

Super blingy

CQFONG Rhinestone AirPods Pro Case

Can’t get enough bling? The sparkly little number couldn’t have more rhinestones on it if it tried. You can choose from a couple of different colors, plus you can find lots of first and second-generation AirPods cases here as well.

$14 at Amazon

Which one should you choose?

The primary reason for a cover on your AirPods case is protection. All of these will do a nice job with that. But who says you can’t have some fun with your protection? If your taste runs to the unconventional, whimsical, or downright wacky, we’ve got you covered. I do enjoy those waterfall cases, like the Joyleop Quicksand AirPods Case. This one reminds me of the snow globes I used to collect from around the world when I was a little girl.

Many, if not most of iMore’s staff is enamored of the Nintendo Switch. Our editor-in-chief bought the adorable Joyleop Case Compatible With AirPods Pro for her own AirPods Pro. That little case was the inspiration for this article.

Source of the article – iMore