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Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Released

google pixel 6

On the latest phone news, we’re covering the release of Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on October 28. Now as we all might know, Google isn’t new in the smartphone market as it’s been making phones since 2013. However, with the latest Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, it’s improved a lot since then and has a pretty good chance to compete in the global market.

As with all smartphones, the “Pro” version has much more advanced specs compared to the regular version.



The new mobile generation of the Google Pixel phones seems to be making some noise in the smartphone market. According to a review from T3, “finally, [there’s] a premium smartphone from Google… [that] could be seen as the first phone from Google that can truly go up against the likes of Samsung, Apple, Huawei at the very top end of the premium smartphone spectrum.” One comment from the T3 and several other sources noted that the two things they disliked about the design are that the camera bumps stick out a good 3mm and are offered in only two sizes – big and bigger. Google is known for providing phones in different sizes – compact and big- however, this time they’ve chosen to stick to a phone as big as the Samsung S21.

For those of you interested in the Google Pixel 6 generation as a gaming mobile, we’re glad to share that its “gaming performance is impressive” according to PCmag after their tests. PCmag notes that “both Genshin Impact and Alto’s Odyssey opened within seconds and we didn’t experience any lag or skipped frames over several hours of gameplay. Google Pixel 6 Pro even scored a Geekbench 5 result of 1,027 single-core (SC) and 2,777 multi-core (MC) which is pretty close to Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ulta score of 1,128 SC and 3,500 MC”.

Overall, it’s for sure a unique phone to keep in mind for your next purchase with all of its updated features, modern and sleek design, and it’s powerful new specs.