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Oppo’s new flagship has a bit of everything

It shares a name with the biggest little city in the world, and fittingly, the Oppo Reno appears to have a lot going for it. Top level, there’s a nutty pop up camera wedge for selfies, 10x zoom, a 48 megapixel camera, in-display fingerprint reader and an optional 5G version. It’s got a whole lot of everything.

The handset makes its debut in Zurich today, but the company’s offered up just about all of the insight you’ll need earlier this morning There are going to be a few different versions of the handset, including the 6.4 inch standard and the 6.6 inch version, which sports the aforementioned 10x Zoom, along with a Snapdragon 855.

More info on the 5G version is still forthcoming, but Oppo says it will be “one of the first commercially available 5G phones to hit the European market,” using Swisscom’s network. On that note, I would be surprised to see the handset available in the States, as Oppo doesn’t have much of a footprint in this part of the world. More info on availability in places like Europe and India is coming later this month.

As for pricing, the base level model starts at around $450, with the zoom starting at around $600. Pricing on the non-5G versions go up to just over $700.

Source of the article – TechCrunch