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130,000 iPhone 11s sold on launch day in South Korea

That’s 30% more than last year!

What you need to know

  • Reports suggest 130,000 iPhone 11s were sold in South Korea yesterday.
  • Industry insiders estimated the number based on new iPhone activations.
  • If correct, it would mark a 30% jump compared to last year.

Reports from South Korea estimate that Apple may have sold 130,000 iPhone 11s on the device’s first day in the country.

The figures come from industry insiders estimating sales based on the number of iPhone activations in the country. According to The Korea Herald:

Some 130,000 units of Apple Inc.’s new iPhone models are believed to have been set up on the first day of sales in South Korea, industry insiders said Saturday.

Apple released its iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in South Korea on Friday, targeting consumers looking for premium phones available in 4G LTE models.

The estimated figure is 30 percent more than the previous iPhone models — the iPhone XS, Max and XR — launched November 2018, according to industry sources. However, it is far below Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy Note 10, of which 220,000 units were opened for service on the first day of sales in August.

Insiders believe that local consumers may have been encouraged to grab an iPhone 11 after the positive response to the new lineup in both Japan and the US. They may also be embracing the 4G capable device because of concerns about the quality of 5G service in the country. Prices for the iPhone in the country start at 990,000 won, ($842).

Source of the article – iMore