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5 online course bundles to help you launch your own business

Leaving your boring 9-to-5 job and starting your own freelance business involves countless risks, but if you have a solid business plan, your efforts will pay off. Most people who dream of running a business are stuck structuring their business plan, but with the proper guidance, anyone can start a successful business. We’ve lined up five deals on courses that will teach you how to successfully launch your own business this year.

The Complete Freelancer Masterclass Course

As a freelancer, many of the challenges you’ll face involve setting your rates, finding clients, and organizing your workflow. This guide will teach you all of this and more with a 9-step process to attract the clients you want and creating a work schedule that gives you the freedom to work on what you want whenever you want.

MSRP: $499

Sale Price: $15

The 2020 QuickBooks® Pro Mastery Bundle

Once your business expands beyond yourself, you’ll need to learn how to pay your contractors and employees. This QuickBooks Pro course will make accounting easy by teaching you how to create financial data reports, automate payments, and create invoices.

MSRP: $450

Sale Price: $29.99

The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Certification Bundle

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms that brands use to reach their target audience. In this bundle, you’ll learn how to create Facebook ads, create engaging brand pages, establish a Sales Funnel to convert viewers into customers, retarget your ads, and much more. This bundle also features a course that will help you advertise on platforms beyond Facebook, such as Instagram and YouTube.

MSRP: $1,400

Sale Price: $29

The Ultimate Build Your Dream Business Bundle

Whether you’re a photographer or a copywriter, every freelancer needs an optimized website that intrigues potential clients. This 6-course bundle covers everything from creating your website to converting visitors into customers. You’ll also learn how to set up an intuitive eCommerce store so visitors can easily purchase your products.

MSRP: $3,000

Sale Price: $29.99

The 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle

There are nearly endless freelance business opportunities out there, but few pay as well as freelance coding. Having a wide language skillset will allow you to tackle a wide array of freelance coding projects at your leisure. This bundle will cover the most in-demand coding languages such as JavaScript, Python, and R.

MSRP: $2,300

Sale Price: $39

Prices subject to change

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