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6 things you could spend $2,000 on instead of a Galaxy Fold

We know. You weren’t going to buy one anyway, especially after all these reviewers discovered just how breakable the Galaxy Fold really is. But, just to give you an idea of what you can get for the same price as, basically a prototype, foldable phone, here are six things you could spend $2,000 on instead.

Two iPhones

iPhone XS

You thought Apple was charging too much for the iPhone XS? Well, you can get two of them for the price of a single Galaxy Fold. The screen is better. The operating system is smoother, and you can stick one on each side of a wallet case if you really want to feel like you’ve got a foldable phone.

From $999 at Apple

An entire iMac

27-inch iMac 5K

Consider this; For the price you’d pay for a Galaxy Fold, which might break the next day, you could get, not just a laptop, but a full-on iMac desktop computer … the 27-inch model … with 1TB of storage. No matter how you slice it (or fold it), a desktop computer is much more useful than a foldable phone.

From $1,799 at Apple

Luxe wearable

Apple Watch Hermès

This one’s a bargain. The most expensive one I could find was the Ébène Barenia Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle 44mm Apple Watch, which is only $1500. That means you can get throw in one of those gorgeous Hermès Single Tour bands along with it.

$1,500 at Apple

Semi-circle monitor

LG 34UC98-W LG Ultrawide curved monitor

Again, for the price of one Galaxy Fold, you could get yourself two ultra-wide curved monitors from LG. If you catch them while they’re on sale, you could actually get three. Surround yourself in monitors. Go ahead. It’s more useful than a foldable phone that breaks in a day.

$900 at Amazon

Getting fit


OK. so this one comes in at just over $2,000, but you can finance one for less than $60 per month and it comes with a trainer subscription, so it’s still a bargain. Seriously. Put down your foldable phone and go exercise.

From $2,245 at Peloton

Hawaiian vacation


Depending on where you’re flying from, where you want to stay, the time of the year, and for how long, you could build yourself a pretty nice vacation package to Hawaii for less than the price of the Galaxy Fold. It’s not particularly practical, but neither is a foldable phone.

Prices range at Kayak

Basically anything else is better

We’re making fun here, but the sentiment behind our joke is real. Right now, foldable phones are still in the experimental stages, and the Galaxy Fold is evidence of why you should consider where you spend your next $2,000. Sure, we all want to look cool with the latest and greatest tech, and those of us who are early adopters will often get something sub-par to what will later be considered one of the best tech gadgets on the market (the Apple Watch is a perfect example — Series 0 was OK, but Series 4 is where Apple perfected the hardware).

Samsung released the Galaxy Fold (to reviewers) too early. It’s half-baked, has a compromising user interface, and for some, broke after just a day of use. This is not an early adopter gadget. It’s a prototype still in beta. For $2,000, you can spend your money better elsewhere.

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