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Adobe confirms some of the new features coming to Photoshop for iPad

“We’re excited to share how we think about the future”

What you need to know

  • Adobe has announced some of its planned updates for Photoshop for iPad.
  • Adobe released Photoshop at Adobe MAX earlier this month to mixed reviews.
  • New features on the way include ‘Select Subject’, cloud documents and ‘Refine Edge’.

Adobe has offered us some insight into how it plans to upgrade and improve its new Photoshop for iPad software in 2019 and also next year.

In the post, Pam Clark, product manager for Photoshop, gave her thanks to all the customers who have downloaded the app and started creating with it. She spoke briefly about how Abode had built Photoshop for iPad, specifically version 1.0, to feature its top workflows, compositing, masking and retouching, things she described as “core” features of any project. The goal, she says, was to create “a seamless experience so you can create anywhere you have Photoshop, on the desktop or on the iPad.”

However, Adobe reckons that they have only just started to scratch the surface. Taking user feedback on board, they described some of the things in the pipeline for the app.

In 2019, Adobe will bring Select Subject to the app, which uses Adobe Sensei AI machine learning technology to allow you to automatically select objects within your composition. this feature was demoed at Adobe MAX but not included in the release. It also points to a new cloud documents system, that will save documents between Photoshop on iPad and desktop to make working between the two seamless:

The Photoshop cloud document format is optimized to save only the incremental changes made to the PSD, making it the fastest way to work across all your devices with Photoshop. For example, if you change just one pixel, only that pixel syncs to the cloud. In December we will begin the rollout of system optimizations that deliver even swifter upload and download of cloud documents than what’s in the app today.

In 2020, the Refine Edge brush will be added to the app, along with Curves and Adjustment Layer Options. Also on the way is brush sensitivity, rotate canvas and Lightroom Integration.

The initial reaction to Photoshop for iPad was mixed, many lauded the long-awaited arrival of the app on the App Store, however plenty of users seemed to be disappointed with a lack of features, so much so that Abode Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky took to Twitter to defend the release. You can check out our full review of Photoshop for iPad here.

Source of the article – iMore