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Adobe is “all-in” on Photoshop for iPad with Illustrator coming too

What you need to know

  • Photoshop for iPad is only the beginning for Adobe.
  • Illustrator is also coming to the iPad according to multiple sources.
  • Both are expected to be detailed more at Adobe’s upcoming event in November.

The creative cloud looms over the iPad.

Adobe had first announced it would be bringing a desktop-class version of Photoshop CC to the iPad in October of last year at its yearly Adobe MAX conference. Many had hoped Adobe would be launching the app when Apple released iOS 13 to the public in September, but a release date for the software still eludes everyone. While this has caused some to worry and wonder about the future of iPad apps from Adobe, two new reports suggest that Adobe’s future with the iPad is just beginning.

John Gruber from Daring Fireball published a post today detailing what he has learned from multiple sources about Photoshop’s plans for the iPad:

“What I’ve heard, from multiple reliable sources, is that Adobe is genuinely all-in on Photoshop for iPad. They view it as a serious, top-shelf project for creative professionals. The team of engineers working on it has grown significantly from a year ago, and they have plans to add features iteratively on an aggressive schedule.”

While the initial release of Photoshop for iPad will not be the “full” version of Photoshop you can get on the desktop, it will be a real version of Photoshop as it is being built on the same codebase used to run the desktop app. This builds a foundation that gives Adobe the ability to continually add features and functionality while maintaining cross-platform compatibility between the iPad and the Mac.

As we wait for Adobe to announce Photoshop for iPad’s release date, the next creative app for iPad is apparently already on the way. Reported by Mark Gurman and Nico Grant at Bloomberg, Adobe has selected Illustrator as the next professional app they want to reimagine for the iPad:

“The San Jose, California-based company will preview Illustrator for iPad at its Max conference in November before launching it in 2020, according to the people, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly about the decision.”

Apple had showcased Photoshop for iPad at its October Event last year when it debuted the redesigned iPad Pro. Both companies are committed to bringing professional apps to the iPad and we may finally get to know when exactly those apps are coming when Adobe holds its next Max conference on November 2nd.

Source of the article – iMore