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Amazon’s portable Alexa-enabled Tap speaker is back down to its best price

This deal even beats offers we’ve seen on refurbished models.

Today only at Woot you can pick up the Amazon Tap for just $34.99. Unlike a lot of Woot’s daily deals, this discount is on a brand new device, although Woot notes that the packaging may have some blemishes. The Alexa-enabled portable Bluetooth speaker has never been available for less than this price in new condition before. It regularly sold for $130 new and this deal actually beats the lowest price we’ve seen even for a refurbished version. Shipping at Woot is free for Amazon Prime members.

Alexa on the go

Amazon Tap: Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker

We’ve never seen the Amazon Tap available for less than this and since it’s been discontinued by Amazon, this may well be your best chance to buy the Amazon-enabled speaker. With it, you can have all of Alexa’s smarts with you on the move and 9 hours of playtime.

$34.99 $129.99/s> $95 off

See at Woot

Since the Tap has been discontinued by Amazon, it’s no longer that easy to purchase (another reason to snap up today’s deal). It was the company’s first stab at bringing its Alexa voice assistant to a portable Bluetooth speaker, before it partnered with the likes of UE for third-party smart speakers.

Oddly, the Amazon Tap no longer has a reason to be called the Tap. Originally you had to physically “tap” the speaker to enter a command to Alexa. Now you no longer need to (if you don’t want to), making it hands-free like other Alexa-enabled devices. Add in a powerful 360-degree speaker and battery-powered portability, and it’s one of the most versatile ways to talk to Alexa in the Amazon ecosystem. It offers 9 hours of usage per charge, and when connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot you can use Alexa to complete tons of tasks using just your voice. The included charging cradle makes recharging easy as you simply set the speaker down and the battery tops up, even while in use.

If you’re already set up with Bluetooth speakers you love, you could consider adding Amazon’s Echo Input to gain Alexa functionality. It’s currently down to just $20.

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