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Apple adds emoji to AirPods charging case engraving options

31 emoji options can add a little flair to your AirPods case.

What you need to know

  • Apple’s engraving options for AirPods now include 31 emoji.
  • Both the AirPods Pro and AirPods charging cases can be customized.
  • Engraving is free with AirPods purchase from Apple.com.

Apple has updated their online engraving options today for it’s popular AirPods line to include emoji’s for the first time. Engraving, which is available for free when purchasing a set of AirPods directly from Apple, previously only allowed for text to be added.

During the engraving process, 31 different emoji are available to add to the front of an AirPods charging case, although only 1 can be added in total. Emoji added will appear right underneath the charging indicator, and depending on the emoji, its size looks to cover around a quarter of an AirPods Pro case.

Unfortunately, it appears that both emoji and text cannot be added at the same time, limiting some additional customization options such as adding a name. So if you plan to engrave your case for identification purposes, your best bet may be to stick with the 14 or 22 characters (depending on model) that can be added via text.

Source of the article – iMore