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Apple has ordered second seasons for four of its Apple TV+ original series

One week in and we’re already talking about season two.

What you need to know

  • Apple has ordered second seasons of four of its original series for Apple TV+.
  • “The Morning Show”, “SEE”, “Dickinson”, and “For All Mankind” are all renewed.
  • The fourth episode of three of the shows premieres tomorrow.

After the first week of Apple TV+ being available to audiences, Apple has already ordered second seasons for four of its original shows on the service. Reported by Variety, Apple has officially renewed “The Morning Show”, “SEE”, “Dickinson”, and “For All Mankind” for another season. The renewal of “The Morning Show” was already known, as the series is already in the middle of shooting its order of ten episodes for the second season, but the rest of them have not been confirmed until now.

Apple has not released any specific data about how Apple TV+ is performing out of the gate, but sources close to the company are happy with the reception the service is having with audiences. Variety explains:

“Sources close to Apple say the service to date has drawn millions of users who are spending on average more than an hour on the Apple TV Plus platform…the early numbers indicate that most viewers who watched one episode of the core four series went on to watch at least one more, if not two.”

Three of the four shows being renewed are only able to be viewed up to the third episode, as Apple is testing a weekly release schedule for most of its content. “Dickinson”, on the other hand, is the only core series that went the “Netflix route” and release all ten episodes when Apple TV+ launched on November 1st. Tomorrow will be another milestone for the service, as the fourth episode of “SEE”, “For All Mankind”, and “The Morning Show” will release to the public.

Apple TV+ is available now for $4.99 per month for up to six family members (with Family Sharing). Apple is also still running its promotion that gives a free year of the service to anyone who purchases a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV.

Source of the article – iMore