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Apple is celebrating Heart Month with yearly Apple Watch Activity Challenge

Get some exercise to win next month’s Activity Challenge.

What you need to know

  • Apple is getting ready for its first Apple Watch Activity Challenge in February.
  • The ‘Heart Month Challenge’ will run from February 8th to February 14th.
  • Those who complete the challenge will win a medal and stickers.

If you are an Apple Watch owners and love to get involved with the Activity Challenges that Apple occasionally runs from time to time, now is another time of the year to get excited. Apple’s yearly ‘Heart Month Challenge’ is set to kick off in less than two weeks.

Reported by 9to5Mac, this year’s ‘Heart Month Challenge’ is set to begin on February 8th and run through February 14th. Apple Watch owners can complete the challenge by closing their Excercise Ring for seven days in a row. Being that February 8th to February 14th is seven days, you’ll have to close your ring every day of this challenge.

“Put your heart into earning this award! Close your Exercise ring for seven days in a row starting February 8 and ending February 14.”

This challenge does not require you to do anything specific about your Stand or Move Rings, but to close the Exercise Ring you must log at least thirty minutes of exercise each day. Those who complete this year’s ‘Heart Month Challenge’ will receive three new stickers for iMessage and a virtual 2020 medal that will live in the Activity app, a nice gift for yourself on Valentine’s Day.

Apple runs a ton of Activity Challenges throughout the year. Just this month alone, the company ran an internal challenge for its own employees, and before that it ran its annual ‘Ring In The New Year’ challenge.

Source of the article – iMore