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Apple releases SEE ‘Creating the World Featurette’

See how SEE was made!

What you need to know

  • Apple has released a ‘Creating the World’ featurette for TV+ show SEE
  • It gives a snapshot behind the scenes look at how the series was created.
  • Producers Francis Lawrence and Dan Shotz feature alongside Jason Momoa in the three-and-half minute clip.

Apple has released a ‘Creating the World Featurette’ for its Apple TV+ series SEE.

In the short video, executive producers Francis Lawrence and Dan Shotz briefly discuss how SEE had to be created on the basic premises that in the story civilization has vanished, and everyone is blind. In particular, they discuss how working with blind consultants informed everything from the way settlements and houses are built, to how people move around and navigate, and how they co-exist.

They also discuss filming locations in British Columbia. One of the most interesting dynamics for the show as far as production goes is the conflict of trying to build a show that is visually appealing, even though all of the characters (save two) are blind.

Demand for SEE has proven strong so far, with reports suggesting it was the most popular show on the streaming service during its opening weekend. SEE was also one of the first Apple TV+ shows confirmed for a second season. Friday November 8 also marks the first weekly release of SEE’s fourth episode, with episodes one, two and three having dropped on launch weekend.

Check out the video below!


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