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Apple signs Alfonso Cuarón to a multi-year deal for Apple TV+

What you need to know

  • Alfonso Cuarón has penned a multi-year deal.
  • He worked on the Gravity and Roma movies.
  • Apple will have access to anything Cuarón produces.

Apple continues to sign people up for future Apple TV+ content.

Apple continues to sign talent for future Apple TV+ shows. This time it’s director, screenwriter, and producer Alfonso Cuarón.

Veriety reports that a multi-year overall television deal has been signed, giving Apple access to anything Cuarón produces. It doesn’t sound like Apple has bought the rights to anything in particular, but rather signed Cuarón up as talent who will work on projects in the future.

Veriety doesn’t say how long the overall deal will run for, but they apparently tend to run for anything up to five years at a time. We also don’t know how much money changed hands to make this deal happen but considering Apple’s deep pockets and intention of making Apple TV+ a success it’s unlikely to be a small amount.

Under the deal, the multi-hyphenate will develop television projects exclusively for Apple’s upcoming streaming service, Apple TV Plus. Cuarón’s long-time producing partner, Gabriela Rodriguez, will run day to day operations at his London-based production company, Esperanto Filmoj. He will still maintain his deal with Anonymous Content and will partner with them on certain projects in addition to continuing to work with other collaborators.

While Apple TV+ goes live on November 1st, it’s unlikely anything will come of this deal until well into 2020. Not to worry though, there’s plenty to get excited about long before then.

When Apple TV+ does kick into gear it will set viewers back $4.99 per month. All the family gets access and new device buyers also get a free year, too. Eligible devices include iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iPod touch, and Mac.

Source of the article – iMore