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Apple starts pushing iPhone monthly payment ads via the Wallet app

What you need to know

  • Apple is advertising its monthly iPhone installment plan.
  • The ad appears in the Wallet app.
  • Buyers can pick up an iPhone on Apple Card and pay monthly, interest-free.

Does anyone else feel icky?

We already know that Apple planned to offer an interest-free financing option for buyers who wanted to pay for iPhones monthly. But Apple is making sure nobody misses the news by pushing a new ad to users of its Wallet app.

To take advantage of the deal buyers need to use their Apple Card to make the purchase, with the monthly fee added to their minimum card payment every month.

The new ad was spotted by M.G. Siegler and shared on Twitter. And I have to admit to being left with a bad taste about the whole thing.

The ad itself isn’t really the issue here, but rather where it appears. The Wallet app should’t be somewhere for ads to appear. It’s for handling payments and keeping tabs on your Apple Card balance. It’s where store cards hang out, not where Apple should be advertising iPhones.

Over the years I’ve pointed at some of Samsung’s poor advertising decisions as well as the deals it’s done with other companies that fill its phones with bloatware. But this doesn’t feel too dissimilar in some ways, with Apple leveraging its Wallet app to push ads at people.

Am I being harsh, or should Apple be held to a higher standard? Especially given its positioning as the last bastion of privacy and add-free everything? Let me know below.

Source of the article – iMore