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Apple wants to teach you how to “Slofie” with new video series

We must all do what is needed to get the shot.

What you need to know

  • Apple has released a new video series to highlight “Slofies”.
  • The series shows not only the end product but what happens behind the scenes to make it happen.
  • Apple seems to acknowledge how goofy creating a “Slofie” is.

One of the most interesting and bizarre features that Apple announced for the iPhone 11 at its September event was a new way to take a selfie. Dubbed “Slofies”, iPhone 11 owners could now take a slow-motion video with the front camera, enabling a new wave of creative and socially polarizing photography.

To highlight the new feature, Apple has released a new video series to its YouTube channel to show off not only the finished product of a “Slofie”, but the sacrifice involved to achieve it.

The first video is the one we are already familiar with, as it is the one that Apple used to announce “Slofies” at its September event. The video shows a girl posing for a slow-motion glamour shot that only gets ruined by her little brother.

The second video shows how even making a funny face, while goofy when witnessed from the outside, can look more epic in slow motion.

The third video shows a group of friends who at first appear to be partying in a club, but when the video zooms out it reveals they are dancing inside an ice room at a convenience store.

The last video highlights the iPhone 11’s waterproofing as a guy who uses it to take a “Slofie” in the rain. However, it’s not the rain – it’s actually a sprinkler in his front yard.

The whole series is hilarious and shows that even Apple is embracing the absurdity that the “Slofie” is. It almost serves as a warning to anyone who wants to achieve the “Slofie” that you will most likely look like a goofball in order to make it happen.

Source of the article – iMore