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Apple Watch ECG app officially on its way to Canada

What you need to know

  • Apple Watch ECG app coming to Canada.
  • Tiiming still TBD but “as quickly as possible”; likely next update.
  • ECG app allows single-pad-equivalent tests on-demand.

There’s been a lot of speculation and misinformation and the ECG app for Apple Watch and when it would be arriving in Canada. That’s thanks to some incredibly unhelpful tweets and posts from Health Canada that lacked anything remotely resembling clarity and context.

Now, though, we’re finally starting to get some official word.

From the CBC:

[Apple] says in a statement to The Canadian Press that it will bring the heart health features of Apple Watch Series 4 to Canada “as quickly as possible” but a spokeswoman declined to provide an estimated time of arrival.

“As quickly as possible” probably means the next public watchOS release.

A person with knowledge of Apple’s procedures said on background that the heart features will be enabled in Canada when the company updates the watch’s operating system software but the timing of the update wasn’t known.

I’ve used the ECG app on a US Apple Watch and it’s worked well. Can’t wait to have it in Canada.

Source of the article – iMore