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Are Apple Tags really going to be called AirTags?

What you need to know

  • Apple’s rumored Tile-like trackers look set to be named AirTags.
  • References to AirTags were found in iOS 13.2.
  • We’re said pandas.

Say it ain’t so!

We’ve been hearing rumors of a Tile-lag tracking device coming out of Apple for a couple of months and we’re still expecting an announcement pretty soon. But it sounds like we were off on our thinking that Apple would go with Apple Tags as the name. According to 9to5Mac and references found in iOS 13.2, at least.

As has become commonplace 9to5’s Guilherme Rambo has been spelunking through the recently released iOS 13.2. And he’s found references to “AirTag” with placeholder images of AirPods and other accessories. There does at least appear to be confirmation that AirTag betteries can be replaced, however – there’s a video file titled “BatterySwap.”

We obviously don’t know when Apple will announce the so-called AirTags, but with AirPods Pro having been announced via Press Release today it’s possible a similar fate will befall the tracking accessories. If that’s the case it could be that we’re in for a week of press release announcements. The 16-inch MacBook Pro is still to come, as is pricing and configuration details for the upcoming Mac Pro.

This week could be a big one, folks. Or it might not. But isn’t it fun waiting to find out?

Source of the article – iMore