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Are Powerbeats Pro better than Jabra Elite 65t? Depends on your needs

When it comes to getting to most out of your headphones, the team at iMore has put many different headphones to the test. Everything from top-of-line Bose to those budget brands like Aukey has been in, on, or around our ears, and we’re here to pass our knowledge on to you!

Powerbeats Pro

H1-chip enabled

$250 at Apple


  • Longer 9-hour battery life
  • 24 hours of charge in charging case
  • “Hey Siri” support
  • H1-chip enabled


  • Bigger charging case
  • Ear hook design

Featuring the same H1 chip as the second generation AirPods, the Powerbeats Pro have the ability to use “Hey, Siri,” the benefits of power efficiency, and super seamless pairing. Also, they come with multiple ear tips for more flexibility in the fit. Due to their design, they offer better sound isolation and sweat-resistant, meaning they’re a better gym partner. However, the ear hook design isn’t comfortable for everyone and the bigger design means the charging case is bulkier.

Jabra Elite 65t

IP55 rated earbuds

$170 at Amazon


  • Great sound for tiny earbuds
  • Option to let outside noise in or keep it out
  • Supports Alexa and other digital assistants
  • No ear hooks


  • Case only provides up to 10 hours of additional charge
  • Doesn’t pair as easily as AirPods

The Jabra Elite 65t are excellent wireless earbuds that pack great sound into a tiny package. They have optional noise isolation, four microphones, and support Alexa and other assistants out-of-the-box. The Elite 65t buds should last around five hours per charge, but the case only provides up to 10 hours of additional battery life before it needs charging itself.

The Powerbeats Pro feature Apple’s own H1-chip, which mean they pair easily with Apple devices, and switching between devices is a cinch. Plus, with the Powerbeats Pro 9-hour battery life on the earbuds themselves as well as the 24-hour battery life in the charging case, they can easily last all day. Although, the Jabra Elite 65t buds have less battery life, they do feature a more compact charging case that’s easier to carry around, and they can access Siri and other assistants with the press of a button.

The big differences

Pictured: Jabra Elite 65.

Apple designed the H1-chip to work so seamlessly with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, that you only have to pair the Powerbeats Pro with one device, and as long as the others are using the same iCloud account as the first device, your PowerBeats Pro will automatically be paired with all of them. Pair once, play anywhere. Plus, the chip also allows the PowerBeats Pro to use the “Hey, Siri” command to invoke Apple’s digital assistant, which is useful when your hands aren’t free.

If you’re super invested in the Apple ecosystem and getting a pair of earbuds that work with all your devices is important to you, the Powerbeats Pro are going to be the better choice for you; however, the Jabra Elite 65t has a lot of upsides, too.

Powerbeats Pro Jabra Elite 65t
Price $250 $170
Battery life 9 hours 5 hours
Battery life with case 24 hours 10 hours
Controls Physical buttons Physical buttons
Hey, Siri Yes No
Charging method Lightning micro USB
Connection Bluetooth 5.0 through H1 Chip Bluetooth 5.0
Fast charging 15 mins = 3 hours 15 mins = 1.5 hours
Auto pause Yes Yes
Sweat resistant Yes (not specified) Yes, IP55
Companion App No Yes

Where the Jabra Elite 65t buds really excel is in customization, and a big part of that is due to the Jabra Sound+ app. It has an EQ that you can adjust with custom settings or pick one of the six presets. While the sound quality of the Jabra Elite 65t out of the box is fantastic, the ability to fine-tune the EQ is always a welcome addition. The best part of the app is the ability to activate the “HearThrough” feature, which allows the built-in microphones to pick up outside noise so you can hear a bit of what’s going on around you. The Powerbeats Pro don’t have this kind of control; if you’re listening to anything, you’ll likely have to take an earbud out to carry on a conversation.

The Powerbeats Pro work seamlessly with all Apple products, while the Jabra Elite 65t have more customization.

Looking at the spec sheet, the Powerbeats Pro have nine-hour battery life for listening to music, which is a whole four hours more than the Jabra . This means you can wear your Powerbeats Pro longer without having to pop them into your charging case, a whole regular work day even, which is a huge advantage. Plus, the charging case, although bigger than the Jabra case, does provides 24 hours of additional charge opposed to the 10 hours the Jabra case grants you.

Lastly, when it comes to sweat-resistance, the Powerbeats Pro make the water a little murky. Beats states the Powerbeats Pro are water and sweat-resistant, but gives no official IP rating, unlike the Jabra Elite 65t which have an IP55 rating. Without an official rating, it’s a little hard to be certain how safe it is to work out with the Powerbeats Pro. However, past Beats headphones we’ve tried have had the same designation and have been just fine in our testing.

Which should I buy?

Pictured: Powerbeats Pro.

It really comes down to what you value. If you’re looking for an Apple-specific experience that makes using your headphones with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV as easy as possible, the Powerbeats Pro are your best choice. Plus, the impressive battery life of the Powerbeats Pro make them a compelling choice for anyone who wants to get the most listening time they possibly can out of their earbuds.

Of course, the Jabra Elite 65t excels at customization with the ability to adjust the EQ through the Jabra Sound+ app, and enable the Hear Through feature which lets you hear the world around you. Plus, the earbuds can work with other digital assistants, like Alexa. If you don’t feel the need to pay extra money for the Apple-exclusive features of the Powerbeats Pro, the Jabra Elite 65t are a fantastic pair of wireless earbuds.

Personally, unless you are a super die-hard Apple fan dying for the Powerbeats Pro, I think the Jabra Elite 65t wraps a lot of the same features into a cheaper package that you can buy right now.

Powerbeats Pro

The Beats to beat

$250 at Apple

Seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem

With a cited nine hours of battery life, the ability to listen to each earbud separately, super fast and seamless pairing, and Hey, Siri compatibility, the Powerbeats Pro promise to offer everything you love about the AirPods, but with a snugger fit and better sound!

Jabra Elite 65t

Wonderfully customizable

Wireless earbuds you can take to the gym

$170 at Amazon

They don’t have the interoperability with Apple devices that Powerbeats Pro do, but the Jabra Elite 65t offer a great audio experience, both for listening to music and making phone calls. Great for travelers, the earbud design keeps the noise of the world out, while also letting the noise you need to hear back in as you see fit. Plus, the IP55 rating means you can get sweaty and not have to worry.

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