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Array by Hampton’s latest smart home gear keeps things safe and secure

Keep and eye on your front door and your garage with Array by Hampton’s newest accessories.

What you need to know

  • Video doorbell works for up to 4 months on a charge.
  • Garage door opener works with geofencing for location based access.
  • Both accessories will be available in the Spring.

Smart home security experts, Hampton Products, have introduced a connected video doorbell and garage door opener at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Hampton’s latest products offer users a way to keep an eye on their front porch, and their garages through the Array by Hampton app as well as with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri via Siri Shortcuts support.

The Array by Hampton Video Doorbell features IP65 weather resistance in a compact frame that offers 2-way voice capabilities and a “no fisheye” view of its surroundings. The doorbell is powered by a rechargeable battery which can last up to 4 months on a single charge, and when it comes time to topping it off, it can be charged with any standard micro-USB cable. Infrared night vision is also supported, as well as a separate indoor chime, which users can customize with different sounds.

Array’s smart app will provide notifications for any motion that is seen or when its button is pressed, and users will be able to review a running log of activity for their home. The doorbell can operate without the need of an additional hub, connecting directly to a Wi-Fi network, and it can work with other Array by Hampton accessories for increased security.

Notifications and integration with accessories also extends to the Array by Hampton Garage Door Opener, which was announced alongside the Video Doorbell. The Garage Door Opener works to keep owners informed of the status of their garage door, and also with geofencing technology that can automatically open or close the door when arriving or leaving their home.

The Garage Door Opener can also operate independent of a hub, and the company states that it is compatible with “most major garage door openers”. The Garage Door Opener consists of what looks to be a combination of a smart plug that users will plug their existing opener to, and wiring directly to the opener’s terminals.

The Array by Hampton Video Doorbell will be available starting in April, followed by the release of the Garage Door Opener in May.

Source of the article – iMore