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Back to My Mac being discontinued for all versions of macOS on July 1

In an update to one of its support documents, Apple is letting users of versions of macOS prior to Mojave that Back to My Mac, a feature that allows Mac users to connect to other Macs for the file and screen sharing, will be discontinued in all versions of macOS on July 1, 2019.

From Apple, via MacRumors:

As of July 1, 2019, Back to My Mac service is not available in any other version of macOS. You can use these alternatives for file access, screen sharing, and remote desktop access.

Apple previously discontinued Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave in late 2018, but the feature remained functional on older versions of macOS up until this point. Customers who use macOS High Sierra or earlier will need to either find alternatives or follow Apple’s recommendations.

To replace the functionality of Back to My Mac, Apple makes a few recommendations. For file transfers between Macs (and iOS devices), Apple recommends using iCloud Drive. Anyone with an Apple ID has at least 5GB of iCloud Drive storage, so you have at least some ability to transfer files, especially if they’re mostly text documents. macOS also features built-in screen sharing, which allows you to view and control another Mac remotely. Finally, there’s Apple Remote Desktop, with which you can work on your Mac with apps and files that exist on another Mac.

Apple Remote Desktop can be found on the Mac App Store now.

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