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Become the next social media sensation with these cool video apps!

Create the next viral video sensation with these awesome video editing apps for your iPhone and iPad!

When it comes to social media, it seems that videos are all the rage lately. But sometimes you’ll need to spruce up your video footage to really get the views. These apps will help you create some fun and quirky or professional videos to share with your followers and become the next viral sensation!


Instagram’s own Boomerang app makes it super easy to create your own mini-movies that loop back and forth. It’s super easy to use too! Just launch the app, hold down the button to record, and bam, you’re done! Your finished Boomerang video can be posted to Instagram, Facebook, or you can save it directly to your phone or share via other methods.

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TikTok is the next social media craze when it comes to videos. Tell a story in 15 seconds in raw footage and then share it with your friends. There are special effects filters, stickers, music, and more fun things you can add to your videos to spruce it up. And if you aren’t making your own crazy 15-second videos, you can check out the feeds and see what everyone else is doing for some inspiration.

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Hyperlapse is another one of Instagram’s own creations. It features Instagram’s in-house stabilization, giving you incredibly smooth and stable video that was previously only possible with tripods and other expensive equipment. With Hyperlapse, you can capture an entire sunset in 10 seconds, and no matter where you are while filming it, the result is buttery smooth. Or walk through an all-day festival and boil it down to a mere 30-seconds. Your Hyperlapse videos can be sped up to 12x the speed, and results can be posted to Instagram and Facebook directly, or saved on your phone.

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Spark Camera

If you like to share videos to Instagram TV (IGTV), then Spark Camera is a great fit. The long format and vertical video shooting in Spark make it perfect for IGTV, and it’s super easy to record. Just press down on the button to start recording your footage, and everything is in 1080p and 4K. There are advanced controls like stabilization and custom FPS. Spark also has plenty of cool filter effects, music, and the ability to add voice overs to your videos, allowing you to tell a story. It’s even possible to trim, re-arrange, and delete clips with a streamlined interface.

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Vizmato is an intuitive video editing app that is packed with a ton of features. With Vizmato, you can easily create videos and slideshows in just a few minutes, and they look quite professional. There are over 20 visual themes that you can apply to your videos, custom stickers and text, as well as over 40 different effects that help your movie look like a Hollywood production. And for audio, Vizmato has over 140 free tunes, or you can use your own background audio, record voice over, and the app also supports a voice modifier for hilarious videos. And if your video isn’t fast enough, you can alter the speed to your heart’s desires.

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Adobe Premiere Rush

Those who want a desktop-class video editor on their iPhone or iPad should look into Adobe Premiere Rush. It’s part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of apps, so if you subscribe ($10 a month), you get unlimited exports and 100GB of storage. Rush lets users create, edit, and share online videos quickly and easily. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the app though—you get access to professional editing tools such as a flexible timeline that lets you drag and drop audio and clips easily. There are also plenty of tools for adjusting audio, editing color, adding titles, transitions, voiceovers, changing the resolution and frame rate, and more.

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FiLMiC Pro

If you want some professional video editing on-the-go, then FiLMiC Pro is worth the money. With FiLMiC Pro, videographers are able to shoot in true LOG gamma curve (through the Cinematographer Kit in-app purchase upgrade). LOG V2 provides greater tonal range and flexibility in post-production. Other features of the app include dual arc sliders for manual focus and exposure adjustments, live analytics suite, waveform monitor, white balance adjustment matrix, batch upload for share targets, and more. When you want an app that will give you the most powerful tools for video editing, FiLMiC Pro does just that.

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LumaFusion is one of the most popular video editing apps on iOS. With LumaFusion, you can work with six video and audio tracks to create video with your photos, video clips, audio tracks, titles, and graphics. On top of that, you get six more tracks for narration, music, and other sound effects to go in your video. A magnetic timeline makes it easy to rearrange clips and tracks, and there are a ton of filter effects that you can add to your video. LumaFusion also gives you the ability to slow things down or speed them up, control audio levels and EQ for each track, and more. Once you’re done with your video, just export it out with full control over resolution, compression, frame rate, and format.

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Become the next big videographer!

These are some of the best video editing apps that we’ve found on the App Store. What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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