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Best Accessories for Kodak Printomatic

Even in the world of smartphone photography and crazy 50x zoom, instant printing cameras are still a thing nowadays and have managed to carve out their little corner of the market. There’s some great nostalgia and fun possibilities with printable cameras. The Kodak Printomatic is a pretty good one and if you picked one up recently, we’ve found some great accessories to go with it.

Keep it protected

Printomatic Hard Case

Staff favorite

Hard cases definitely add the most protection to your gear and this hard case from Aenllosi is no exception. It fits your Printomatic quite snugly and it comes with a pouch for carrying some extra ZINK paper and a charging cable. Take your pick from four fun colors to match your style.

$12 at Amazon

Get that paper

Kodak 2-by-3 Inch Paper

This Zink paper is the perfect fit for your Printomatic camera and you want to make sure you have plenty when you head out on the town. This pack comes with 50 sheets, so you can print plenty of photos.

$24 at Amazon

Carry it safely

Kodak Soft Camera Case

This case comes straight from the makers of the camera, so you know it’s a perfect fit. There’s a small pocket on the inside to carry a few pieces of paper and a shoulder strap, so you can bring it along on your adventures hands-free. It comes in black, grey, and blue.

$15 at Amazon

Don’t lose it

Kodak Printomatic Neck Strap

If you’re anything like me, you lose things. You set something down and instantly forget where you left it. Thankfully, Kodak came out with a neck strap for the Printomatic, so you can be sure you never lose it. It even comes in cool Kodak yellow.

$8 at Amazon

Have fun with your photos

Kodak Decorative Border Stickers

The fun doesn’t have to stop after you print out your pictures. With these border stickers, you have literally a hundred different ways you could display your photos for your friends and family.

$10 at Amazon

Show off your work

Kodak Photo Album

Some of my family’s fondest memories live in our old photo albums and with this one, Kodak has given you a way to preserve all the new moments you capture with your Printomatic. You can store up to 64 photos in here.

$12 at Amazon

The best for you

Instant cameras are a pretty fun gadget to have around and accessories are always a great way to personalize and enhance your gadgets. I’m personally a fan of the Printomatic Hard Case because it can carry everything you need, and keep it safe.

Also, one of the reasons we take pictures is so we can share them with those we love and the Kodak Photo Album is a great way to do that. These fun and different types of accessories you can get for the Printomatic can help you get the most out of your experience, and on this list will serve you well.

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