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Best E-Readers

With the proliferation of e-readers and the enormous selection of digital books, there’s no longer a compelling reason to carry paper books around with you. Any of these e-readers will hold thousands of books, magazines, newpapers, and audiobooks, making it ideal for carrying your reading material in your everyday bag or on vacation.

Our pick

Kindle Paperwhite

Staff Favorite

The Kindle Paperwhite closely replicates the look of ink on paper. It’s lightweight, glare-free even in bright sunlight, and waterproof.

From $130 at Amazon

Bargain choice


Reading is a pleasure on even the most basic Kindle. The e-ink display looks great in anything from bright sunlight to total darkness.

From $90

Deluxe e-reader

Kindle Oasis

The Kindo Oasis is a step up from the Kindle Paperwhite, with a larger display, more LED lights, auto-adjusting light sensors, and page turn buttons.

From $250 at Amazon

Not just for reading

Fire HD 10

This is an overall entertainment device. While the reading experience isn’t as similar to paper, you also get videos, games, web surfing, and more.

From $150 at Amazon

High-end option

iPad mini 5

An iPad mini is the ultimate ultra-portable tablet for work and play. The Kindle app makes downloading and accessing your reading material a breeze.

From $394 at Amazon

Making suggestions

Which e-reader you pick depends on your particular needs. Do you prefer distraction-free reading or a multi-purpose e-reader tablet? Is budget your primary consideration, or is it premium features? If you prefer a dedicated e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite is the just-right pick, offering the best mix of price and features.

If you want the ultimate multi-purpose device that happens to function beautifully as an e-reader, the iPad mini is the way to go. However, if budget is the most important thing for you, then just snag a Kindle. The price is right and you get that e-ink display that performs so well in either bright sun or a dark bedroom.

Source of the article – iMore