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Best Smart Speakers

We know everything about good tunes, clear sound, and smart speakers: we’ve pretty much listened to them all! So which is the best of the best? We have the answer right here.

Looking to find a smart speaker that’ll keep your tunes going all night long with crystal clear clarity? Then we have to recommend the Sonos One Smart Speaker for overall efficiency, sound quality, and design.

Our pick

Sonos One Smart Speaker

Functional and practical smart speaker

The Sonos One Smart Speaker lets you play music from Amazon Music, Spotify, SiriusXM and more. With it you can check the news, control devices in your smart home, and even see how the traffic is. Designed to produce a full, rich sound and incredibly simple to set-up design, it is both versatile and ready to rock out.

Who should buy a Sonos One Smart Speaker

If you’re someone who wants a high quality, pristine sound from your smart speaker, then the Sonos One Smart Speaker is an ideal choice to consider. From streaming audiobooks to clearly broadcasting your favorite podcast, to playing your go-to album and blasting tunes from your fave music streaming service, it has you covered, regardless of how old you are or where you live.

It’s a substantially less expensive speaker than Apple’s HomePod while still delivering the same pristine sound quality. Not only that, but it works with a ton of different music streaming services, giving you a variety of different tunes and playlists to pick from.

The Sonos One Smart Speaker can also combine AirPlay 2, so you can effortlessly use it with your iPhone for Siri support, and if you wanted a bolder sound, you could always combine it with another Sonos One Smart Speaker for maximum power.

Reasons to buy

  • AirPlay 2 compatibility
  • Supports 74 music streaming services
  • Practical
  • Beautiful sound
  • Alexa support

Reasons not to buy

  • Needs to be plugged in

Blast your tunes with the reliable and rockin’ Sonos One Smart Speaker

This particular smart speaker provides you with premium sound thanks to a pair of Class-D amplifiers, while the humidity resistant design makes it ideal for playing outdoors or even in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Amazon Alexa is built right in and you can even control the volume with your voice commands.

It offers complete privacy and an LED light indicates whenever your speaker’s microphone is turned on. If you want, you could even pair your Sonos speakers together in the same room for a clearer, more powerful sound.

This efficient and highly rated smart speaker allows you to stream from 72 different music services and allows for practical AirPlay 2 compatibility, making it ideal for any Apple user.

It’s convenient and compact design means it can fit almost anywhere, and the speaker comes in 2 different color options: a stark, sleek, white, and a bright, bold black. You can mix and match between the two or grab two of the same for a bolder, more co-ordinated sound.

Alternatives to the Sonos One Smart Speaker

So you want that jaw-dropping sound, but you might not want to spend an arm and a leg on your smart speaker. Maybe you want something with a bit of a different design: here are the best alternatives to the Sonos One Smart Speaker.


Apple HomePod

$299 at Apple

Powerful, pristine, and ready to play

The Apple HomePod is a super beautiful, super well-designed smart speaker that allows you to play your music and favorite podcasts with incredibly clear surround sound. It is designed with a high excursion woofer combined with a custom amplifier, while the body of the speaker itself comes in black and white.

You can use your Apple HomePod with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and your Mac, while a six-microphone array allows you to call Siri from quite the distance. It can easily pair to another HomePod, allowing you to double the power of your tunes and really blast ’em out loud and proud.


Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

$100 at Amazon

Affordable and ready to rock n’ roll.

If you’re on the hunt for a smart speaker that won’t break the bank, then we have to suggest taking a peek at the highly affordable Amazon Echo Smart Speaker.

The Amazon Echo Smart Speaker connects to Alexa, allowing you to listen to your favorite podcasts, the latest news, the hottest albums, ask important questions, and so, so much more with beautiful sound quality, all from the convenience of your home.


Libratone ZIPP Wireless Speaker

$299 at Amazon

Colorful, convenient, and crystal clear

The Libratone ZIPP Wireless Speaker is a portable and beautifully designed smart speaker that doesn’t need to be plugged in.

The Libratone ZIPP Wireless Speaker is a smart speaker that gives you a 10+ hour long battery life from a single charge and allows you to stream music from a number of your favorite apps. It comes in deep lagoon, white, grey, black, and red color options.

Bottom line

Regardless of the smart speaker you end up deciding on, there are plenty of different options available based on the amount of money you want to spend, how and where you want to blast your tunes, and what kind of style and look you want your smart speaker to have. The Sonos One Smart Speaker is best overall for quality, design, and rating, but it can get a wee bit pricey. No matter what option you choose, we hope you’re able to jam out to your favorite album in one way or another!

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Christine Romero-Chan is a Sonos speaker expert and knows everything you need to know about crystal clear tunes.

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