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Boost your productivity for $20 with Humm.ly’s curated library

There’s no better way to get into a creative groove than by turning up your music and tackling your projects headfirst. However, whether you want to hype yourself up for work or relax after a long day, there’s an optimal playlist you can be listening to achieve that. Humm.ly has all of these tracks and more for as low as $19.99.

Humm.ly is a music therapy app aimed at helping you achieve better focus in all aspects of your daily life. It features a library of tracks created by world-class music producers and curated by certified music therapists. Each track is scientifically chosen to aide in whatever you need to accomplish, whether it’s wind down and fall asleep or uplift you before work. By listening to these curated tracks, you’ll be able to improve your productivity, creativity, and overall mindfulness.

There’s no situation or mood that wouldn’t benefit from a well-curated track, and Humm.ly has more than enough tracks to cover all of your needs. You can sign up for a year for $19.99 or get a lifetime subscription for just $20 more.


Humm.ly Music Therapy App: Lifetime Subscription – $39.99

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