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Bring your friend along for Yoshi’s latest adventure.

Best answer: Sort of. Yoshi’s Crafted World offers 2-player co-op but not online multiplayer.

Play with a friend

From the beginning, the Nintendo Switch was designed to bring people together. Nintendo’s vision for the console from day one was to make gaming more personable and universal than ever before. Just look at the design. While every other console comes with one controller, the Switch comes with two controllers that can easily be detached and shared with a friend, with very little setup required. The entire console, including the screen, is housed in the same device. You get the entire experience whether you’re in your living room or on a plane.

Honestly, the controllers are one of the coolest features of the Switch. My wife and I love being able to turn on the TV, grab a Joy-Con and be instantly immersed in a hardcore game of Mario Kart or Smash Bros. This feature is just one of many on the Switch that makes gaming so much more fun.

Yoshi’s Crafted World brings everyone’s favorite dinosaur back for a fresh adventure in a new, more interactive world. The “handicrafted” experience reminds me of some of the old Toy Story games I used to play with cardboard, string, and colors galore. The entire game is built to look like something you would find as part of a kid’s school project, which is pretty cool.

Make no mistake, however, this will no doubt present some pretty incredible challenges along with the kid-like fun. Nintendo has an amazing knack for being able to take what looks like a simple, easy game and making it much more challenging than it appears. Overall, the game promises to be ridiculously fun for a single player, but thankfully also supports 2-player co-op. So, you and your ride-or-die can just grab a controller and shoot eggs to your heart’s content.

Co-op Fun

Yoshi’s Crafted World

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Bring a friend

Yoshi’s back for a new, fresh adventure that you can tackle solo, or with a buddy. Unfortunately, no online multiplayer this time around.

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