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Calvin Harris flashes new Mac Pro in Instagram Story

Although it might just be a cheese grater…


What you need to know

  • Calvin Harris has flashed the new Mac Pro in his Instagram story.
  • The device was spotted in a video as Harris teased a new track he’s working on.
  • Apple wasn’t kind enough to send him any wheels.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted that international DJ and Producer Calvin Harris is already in possession of the new Mac Pro, after he posted a video of his studio on Instagram.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Harris posted a series of videos to his Instagram story teasing a new track he seems to be working on.

In two of the videos, however, you can clearly see Apple’s brand new Mac Pro in plain sight on his studio floor. (I mean, come on Calvin, at least put it on a desk… show some respect!)

Noticeably absent however are the wheels, which can be purchased separately for the device at an undisclosed price.

Apple’s new Mac Pro is due to be released in the fall, so it could land any day now. The cheese grater-looking behemoth is as powerful as it is expensive. It starts at a poultry $5999, featuring an 8-core Intel Xeon processor, 256GB SSD and 32GB of RAM. If you tinker with the configuration, you can spec the device up to a frankly absurd 1.5TB of RAM, a 28-core processor and 4TB of storage. Oh, also 4 GPUs.

Calvin Harris is probably a number of high-profile creators who has received the new Mac Pro in advance of a public release, hopefully coming in the next few weeks.

Source of the article – iMore