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Can you watch Disney+ on Android TV?

Best answer: Yes, Disney Plus (Disney+) has an app for Android TV that works on consoles like the NVIDIA Shield TV and the JBL Link Bar. It also works on TVs that run Android TV, such as recent generations of the Sony Bravia line.

Ready for the big screen: Disney+ ($7/month at Disney+)

Watch on Android TVs and Android TV consoles

While Android TV certainly isn’t the most popular entertainment system around, it’s still got its fair share of users. Whether you have a TV running Android TV or a set-top box like the awesome NVIDIA Shield TV, you can breathe a sigh of relief: Android TV is supported by Disney+.

You can download the Disney+ app on your Android TV through the Google Play Store on Android TV consoles and TVs, and on Android TV devices with Dolby Vision, you can watch Disney+ in 4K. That’s a pretty short list right now, but at least the newly-released 2019 refresh of the NVIDIA Shield TV line supports 4K for Disney+.

Elevate your Android TV experience with a Bluetooth controller

If you’re using a NVIDIA Shield TV for your Android TV experience — or any Android TV that has a controller option — then I urge you to get yourself a comfy controller with good triggers and use that for Disney+. The rear triggers on a controller act as seeking buttons:

  • To rewind, press and hold the left rear trigger until you reach the desired time.
  • To fast forward, press and hold the right rear trigger until you’re past the super-awkward scene you want to skip.

I learned this completely by accident with my NVIDIA Shield Controller when I dropped my controller while getting up to check the oven, and I’m absolutely in love with it. Any controller that can pair with the Shield TV over Bluetooth and has rear triggers should do the trick, if you’re interested.

Almost ready for the big screen


Watch your Disney favorites on Android TV.

Disney is finally bringing all of its content under one roof for streaming — from Marvel and Star Wars to Disney and Pixar and beyond — and that streaming service supports Android TV and Chromecast.

$7/month at Disney+

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