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Customize your AirPods Pro fit and seal with the included ear tips

Best answer: AirPods Pro come with three sets of ear tips, small, medium, and large, for a total of six. There’s also a special test that AirPods Pro will perform to make sure you’re using the right tips.

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AirPods Pro will feature three sets of tips, small, medium, and large

Apple hasn’t offered its own set of in-ear earphones for a little while, so a lot of people are used to the company’s “one size fits all” approach for the EarPods and, more recently, AirPods. But since AirPods Pro are in-ear by nature, a little more customization is welcome.

Apple’s latest earphones will come with one set each of small, medium, and large ear tips. Using the right ear tips on the AirPods Pro is helpful not only for comfort but to aid in the noise cancellation process by providing the best possible seal between your ear canal and the noise of the world around you.

AirPods Pro will help you find the right ear tips for you

Just as the HomePod uses sound to analyze the surrounding room to adjust the sound for its environment, AirPods Pro will analyze your ear. Upon connection with your iPhone and insertion into your ears, the AirPods will initiate the Ear Tip Fit Test.

The test examines the quality of the seal using algorithms and the microphones on the AirPods. The sound level in your ear is measured and compared to what’s coming from the speaker driver. You’ll get a message telling you either that your fit and ear tips are good to go, or that they require some adjustment.

Pro sound

Apple AirPods Pro

$249 at Apple

Keep everyday noise out and the music in.

AirPods Pro feature noise cancellation, which helps you focus on what you want to hear. Three size of ear tips let you personalize the AirPods for your comfort and a better seal, while an automatic test will help make sure that you’re getting just the right fit.

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