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Does the Withings Move fit extra large wrists?

Best answer: Not out of the box. In order for the Withings Move to fit on your extra large wrist, you’re going to need a third-party band that is both thin enough to fit on the Withings Move (18mm), and long enough to wrap around your wrist.

The Withings Move’s included band probably won’t fit your extra large wrist

According to Withings, the band for the Withings Move is meant to fit those with wrists between 5.5 inches and 7.9 inches. That’s a fairly wide size range, but if you have wrists even larger than 7.9 inches, you’re kind of out of luck, at least as far as the first-party bands go.

Luckily, you can swap out the bands on the Withings Move, much like you can with many other analog watches. The Move takes bands that are 18mm thick, which is a fairly thin band. But while 18mm bands are easy to find, bands that are also long enough to wrap around your wrist are not.

Watch band considerations

It’s easy enough to find 18mm bands; it’s a fairly standard watch band size. What’s a little more difficult is finding a band that is both 18mm thin and long enough to fit wrists larger than 7.9 inches, or 200mm. If your wrists are only a little bit larger than that, you’ll probably be looking for a band in the 210mm range. But if your wrists are somewhere in the 8.5-10 inches range, you’ll need something longer.

You have a couple of options here. The biggest issue is that people with larger wrists tend to need, or at least want, a thicker watch band than 18mm. It’s a fairly small size, so longer bands at that width are more difficult to come across. If you’re dead set on the Withings Move, you do have some options. Benchmark and KR-NET both have 18mm straps available for larger wrists. For those with up to 10-inch wrists, Benchmark’s band is a great, standard leather band that will fit your wrist. If your wrist goes up to around 12 inches, or about 300mm, check out KR-NET’s double tour leather band.

Our pick

Withings Move

$70 at Amazon

A great light fitness tracker.

The Withings Move offers excellent light fitness and sleep tracking, automatically tracking when you start a run, walk, or another exercise. Great for those just getting into fitness tracking.

A good band

Benchmark 18mm NATO leather band

$15 at Amazon

A good leather band for larger wrists.

This band will fit on your Withings Move and on many larger wrists. Comes in six color and the stainless steel hardware resists corrosion.

Double the fun

KR-NET Leather Double Tour band

$60 at Amazon

A great leather band for even larger wrists.

Fun fact: this band was originally made for the Withings Activitié. This is a leather double tour band that should fit wrists up to 12 inches in circumference, or around 300mm.

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