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Doomsday Vault, a post-apocalyptic adventure, now available on Apple Arcade

Save Earth’s remaining plants in this new adventure game.

What you need to know

  • Apple has added a new title to the Apple Arcade library.
  • Doomsday Vault tasks players to save Earth’s remaining plant life.
  • Players will explore a barren wasteland and dodge AI robots to find sustainable crops.

Apple continues to grow its ever-expanding library of games for its Apple Arcade subscription service. Reported by Macrumors, the latest game to hit the collection is Doomsday Vault, a post-apocalyptic adventure game that puts players on a mission to save Earth’s remaining plant life.

The game’s description in the App Store explains that Earth’s climate has collapsed and that you are tasked with collecting critical plant species to keep safe in the Doomsday Vault. Players will roam the barren wasteland, searching for seeds and avoiding robots, in order to build a sustainable food source.

“Earth’s climate has collapsed and your mission is to collect the precious remaining plant life and return it to the safety of the Doomsday Vault.

You’re on a lone mission in a post-climate collapse Earth. Adventure around the world in your robotic suit and use your suit’s tools and abilities to explore challenging environments. Navigate desolate landscapes, flooded cities, and derelict buildings to find seeds from critical plant species and return them to the safety of the Vault. Be aware, not everything is as it seems – you will need to evade the AI bots left behind to guard corporate interests.

Collect nutrients, restore Carbon Eaters, collect the seeds and nurture them in the Vault to create a sustainable crop.”

The game features challenging puzzles but says that it still suits all ages of gameplay. A Flightless Game, the studio behind the title, says that players will enjoy an engaging 3D environment supported by a beautiful soundtrack and sound effects. The game is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV and supports the Siri remote as well as MFI game controllers.

Apple Arcade launched this fall as a subscription-based service and is Doomsday Vault, along with over a hundred other titles, are available to play for $4.99 per month.

Source of the article – iMore