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Draft your dream team with these fantasy football apps for NFL 2019!

The 2019 NFL season starts September 5! Download these apps to keep track of your fantasy teams!

In search of the best iPhone apps to help you track your fantasy football team throughout the 2019 season? There are lots of NFL apps in the App Store that show stats and breaking news, but why settle for less? From cheat sheets and draft kits to professional recommendations, these are the best fantasy football apps for the 2019 season! You’ll find these will do well on iPad, too.

NFL Fantasy Football

The NFL Fantasy Football app is the official NFL offering for the 2019 season. Join or create leagues with custom rules, check live scoring, control multiple teams all at once. Notifications are enabled for chat and roster alerts, plus you can make trades, adds, and drops on the fly.

For a complete cheat sheet and draft kit directly from the NFL, look no further than the official NFL Fantasy Football app.

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ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN Fantasy Sports offers alerts for injuries, trades, and scoring updates. You also have access to live auction and snake drafts right from the app. Leagues for baseball, basketball, and hockey are also within easy reach, if you feel like mixing it up. When it comes to your league, you’ve got complete team and roster management right at your fingertips.

If you prefer ESPN’s fantasy football coverage and don’t need extremely advanced draft tools, be sure to check out ESPN Fantasy Sports.

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Yahoo Fantasy Football

Yahoo Fantasy includes fantasy leagues for more than just the NFL; you can get in on MLB, NBA and NHL at the same time, too. From inside you can make trades, draft your team and work on mock drafts, check in on player news and score updates, and see what the experts are saying about the latest progress.

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Fantasy Football Draft Wizard

Fantasy Football Draft Wizard is all you need to dominate the fantasy football season for 2019. With this app, you get a draft simulator, which lets you run snake and auction mock drafts simulations for practice before the season starts. Once everything starts up, you can live mock drafts against opponents on the go. The app also provides expert advice, analyzers, and cheat sheets for all of your fantasy football league needs.

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Fantasy Football Draft Kit ’19

This powerful app has all you need to completely dominate your friends and family when it comes to fantasy football. Millions follow RotoWire.com for football coverage, and this app gives you all of the info you need to pick your draft. You can mock drafts with the AI, manually rank players to your preference, have a cheat sheet with all of your league’s categories and roster, player tiers, team depth charts, rankings, and expert articles to help you form decisions. Just enter your league’s scoring and roster settings and the app does the rest.

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Your vote for best fantasy football apps for iPhone?

If you follow and participate in fantasy football on a regular basis, what apps have helped you the most? Are some more accurate than others in your experience? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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August 2019: Updated with the latest apps to help you manage your fantasy teams for the 2019 NFL season.

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