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Edit any PDF file to your liking with $25 off PDF Expert

PDF is an incredibly versatile file format. You can use it to turn in college papers or hold entire brochures, scans from books, pictures, and more. However, their biggest weakness is that there aren’t many tools available to edit them, especially on brand new computers. If you’re looking for a way to edit your PDF files, look no further than PDF Expert for $54.99.

PDF Expert is an app for MacOS that lets you edit text, images, links, and outlines on any PDF, which is useful if you need to polish a file before sending a final copy off to a boss or client. Additionally, if you need to share numerous documents with colleagues or clients, PDF Expert lets you merge multiple PDFs into a single file for easy sharing. PDF Expert lets you remotely share your edited PDFs to clients and colleagues remotely. Finally, you can set password protection on your shared PDFs so that they’ll only reach their intended viewers.

For something as universal as PDF, it’s a shame it can’t be edited very easily. But with PDF Expert, you can edit any PDF file to your liking for just $54.99.


PDF Expert for Mac – $54.99

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