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Enchant your audience using the best wireless headset microphones

As a performer or educator, the last thing you want is a series of microphone wires limiting your movement. Wireless headset microphones are designed to fit comfortably around your head while setting your hands free to perform other activities concurrently. Whether you need them for energetic or laid back presentations, here are the best wireless headset microphones to enchant your audience without entangling yourself.

Be Shure

Shure BLX14/P31 Headset Wireless System

With a 300-foot operation range and superb sound performance, the Shure BLX14/P31 lets you enjoy wireless convenience while owning the stage. It has a PGA31 headset microphone, BLX4 wireless receiver, BLX1 bodypack transmitter, PS24 power supply, windscreen and clothing clip. The headset has a reliable signal and is easy to use.

$300 at Amazon


Samson K3 Wireless Headset Microphone

With an omnidirectional microphone capsule, the Samson K3 headset makes sure that your voice is captured and amplified for speaking and singing purposes. It has one multi-purpose button for power, volume control, and mute functions. The earset is water-resistant and sits securely behind the ear, making it ideal for intensive activities like aerobics.

$248 at Amazon

Absolute freedom

Bietrun Wireless Microphone Headset

The Bietrun can be used as a headset or handheld wireless microphone. It comes with a receiver and transmitter spotting inbuilt 400mAh rechargeable batteries that can last up to 6 hours on a single charge. Featuring a high sensitive condenser microphone and a transmission distance of 160 feet, you don’t have to worry about signal stability or delay.

$28 at Amazon

Live recording

Samson XPD2 Headset

You can now live stream or recording lectures and presentations using the Samson XPD2 headset system. It comes with an RXD2 USB stick receiver that directly connects to PCs or Macs but may need an OTG adapter to work with Androids. The system is a perfect blend of simple setup, stunning audio transmission, and simple operation.

$100 at Amazon

Absolute bargain

FIFINE Wireless Microphone System

The FIFINE is a super light head-won wireless microphone with a tight fit perfect for high-intensity activities and mobile sessions. With 20 selectable UHF frequencies(565-584), you will enjoy an interference-free presentation. It works perfectly within a 40-65 feet range without any signal interference, and it’s compatible with any device that allows 1/4-inch input like soundboards, electric guitar amplifiers, PA speakers, and mixers.

$35 at Amazon


XIAOKOA UHF12 Wireless Mic Headset

This is a 2-in-1 wireless microphone headset that can also be used as a handheld mic. The mic headset utilizes Ultra High Frequency (UHF) wireless technology to transmit voice signals up to 50M in open areas. It comes with a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter, which offers broad compatibility with several devices and ideal for gym instructors, lecture halls, tours, and dance classes.

$27 at Amazon

Own the stage

Shure SM35-TQG Wireless Performance Headset

Performers and multi-instrument players will get a kick out of the Shure SM35-TQG wireless headset. The headset’s cardioid polar pattern eliminates signal bleed or feedback, making useful behind floor monitors and on big stages. The minimalist lightweight and low-profile design enable comfort for prolonged performances. It’s only compatible with SHURE bodypacks or a TA4F connector.

$100 at Amazon

A perfect replacement

Shure PGA31

The Shure PGA31 microphone headset comes with a TA4F 4-pin connector for seamless connection to Shure bodypack transmitters. As such, it’s a budget-friendly way of making your Shure wireless system complete again incase you have a broken headset. It’s carefully designed with a unidirectional polar pattern and a noise-canceling feature that improves the audio quality for active performers and speakers.

$39 at Amazon

Moisture shield

AKG C520 Professional Head-Worn Condenser Microphone

With a sturdy and lightweight frame, the AKG C520 headset has an adjustable headband for unrivaled comfort and freedom of movement. If you already own an AKG wireless bodypack transmitter or a C520 with a standard XLR connector, this is a perfect headset microphone. Its cardioid polar pattern cancels undesired background noise, while the moisture shield protects moisture from getting into the transducer element.

$179 at Amazon

Our top picks

When it comes to microphones, none beats the comfort and freedom of movement offered by wireless headset microphones. The Shure BLX14/P31 system comes with a wireless receiver, a BLX1 bodypack transmitter, and the PGA31 headset microphone for complete wireless presentations. The microphone has excellent adjustment capabilities to allow you to position it the way you like.

If you already own a Shurebody pack transmitter but break or damage your microphone, the Shure PGA31 Condenser Microphone is a perfect replacement. You don’t have to purchase a whole new Shure wireless system when you can replace the wireless headset. The wireless microphone headset fits securely, making it ideal for dynamic presentations.

Even when working with a tight budget, you don’t have to compromise quality. The Bietrun Wireless Microphone Headset offers absolute wireless convenience at an unbelievable price. The only downside is that it works well on devices with Mic Jacks as opposed to AUX Jacks. But then it comes with a 3.5mm to 6.35mm converter to increase connectivity options.

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