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Fastest way to level up in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

A lot of the game is locked behind the higher levels. Here’s how to get there fast.

Like most games, a lot of the most fun parts of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite don’t arrive in-game until you reach the higher levels. Things like potion-making and Professions require you to level up a certain amount before you can use them.

We are creating a master list of ways to help you gain XP as fast as you can to boost your levels. These tips will always work but are the most helpful at the lower levels when you are first starting out.

Get Masterful

Casting spells well is an important first step in gaining more XP. Like Pokémon GO, the more accurate you are the more XP is gained from each attempt. When you cast the spell both accurately and quickly you can achieve a special rating. The rating has an associated XP boost with which increases as you do a better job.

  • Fair: 0XP Boost
  • Good: 20XP Boost
  • Great: 50XP Boost
  • Masterful: 100XP Boost

It may not seem like a lot, but getting 50XP on each successful capture makes a huge difference to your progress, especially at lower levels. So spend some time practicing spell casting to get the motions as smooth as possible. It will make a lot of difference.

Do your homework!

I know, I know, no one wants to do homework when you are playing video games, but the assignments in Wizards Unite are the exception. Some of the Daily assignments and all of SOS assignments grant you a significant XP boost, so focus on those tasks first.

Most of the tasks for the daily assignments will be fairly simple and will give you small XP boosts, but the SOS tasks may take you several days to complete. Keep them in your mind whenever you play though, as they can be the final push to the next level.

Use your brain! (Elixir)

Baruffio’s Brain Elixir is a vital part of your early XP gathering. When you use the potion you gain double XP on any Traces you complete, Fortress floors you vanquish — often called Wizard Challenges — and Portkeys you travel to. This gives you three opportunities to gain double XP and if you’re a little smart about it you can do all three at once.

The best way to use a Brain Elixir potion is to stack your jobs together. You have 30 minutes from the time you drink the potion, so before you drink it, get ready to gain as much XP as you can by following these simple steps.

  1. Before you use a Brain Elixir, make sure you have some Portmanteau ready to open. You open them by walking them around with a key in them until they hatch a Portkey. Once you have two or three Portkeys ready to use you can move on to the next step.

  2. Walk to your nearest Inn (preferably one near a Fortress) and build up your Spell Energy to the maximum. You will be doing a lot of spellcasting in the next 30 minutes so having a good supply is important.
  3. When your energy is full, tap on your suitcase, then the vault, then tap on potions. From there you can tap on Baruffio’s Brain Elixir to drink it. You now have 30 minutes to gain as much XP as possible.
  4. Open your Portkeys one by one and complete the quest inside. This will not only gain you good XP but will help you fill out your registry.

  5. DO NOT place your images in the registry yet. They do not give you double XP so can be done after the Elixir has run out.
  6. After all your Portkeys are done you should still have time to get some Wizard Challenges completed. Head over to the nearest Fortress (preferably one near an Inn).
  7. Follow our handy guide to completing Wizard Challenges to complete as many floors of the fortress as you feel comfortable with.
  8. Once you have completed a few floors make sure you eat at the Inn to gain back some of the energy you lost in the fight.
  9. If you have any time left on your Brain Elixir —hopefully, you’ll have around 10 minutes — use a dark detector on the Inn you are near to draw some high-level Traces to you.
  10. Spend your remaining Elixer time, fighting Traces and grabbing that XP.

Once you have completed the 30 minutes of Brain Elixir you should go into your registry and place all the different Foundables you have managed to collect. If you are lucky, you could get a whole level up by doing these 10 steps.

A note on Fortresses:

When you are Completing Wizard Challenges using your Brain Elixir keep the level of the combat low. You can gain more XP by completing a lot of challenges quickly than you do taking the time to complete the higher level floors.

Don’t worry, when you become a big bad witch or wizard you can tackle the mighty levels, and once you have chosen your profession you can really stick it to them.

What tips do you have?

The game has only been out a short time so we are still learning the best ways to gain XP. Have you found any good tips and tricks for leveling up fast? Let us know in the comments and if we can verify they work, we will add them to the list, with our thanks!

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