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First special event for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite scheduled for May 30th

An in-game countdown has begun for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s first special event!

Beta testers for Niantic and WB Games’ Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in New Zealand and Australia were welcomed to countdown for the game’s first event today.

The image posted to Reddit by user malcomjudd, shows the details.

No details about what the event will feature are known, other than the title — Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna — players on Reddit have been speculating what this all means. Plus, the countdown points to the event starting on May 30th, which coincides with the release of the EE’s 5G network in the UK. The company has stated they have an exclusive partnership with Niantic to bring exclusive content to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for their 5G customers.

Will Harry Potter: Wizards Unite officially release May 30, 2019?

Unfortunately, no one is sure. Without an official answer form Niantic or anyone else on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team, we are left up to guessing.

The game is still beta testing and many players in Australia and New Zealand have been complaining of constant crashes and bugs, and having a worldwide event on a global release day would no doubt make the game very unstable. At the same time, it’s hard to ignore the fact that EE is going to be launching their 5G network across cities in the UK on May 30 the same day the event is scheduled.

This is pure speculation, but my best guess is the beta will extend to the UK next week and the event will just be for the beta testers, after all, testing how an event will go is likely a smart idea before you officially release the game.

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