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Fitbit and Snap team up to put expressive Bitmoji on your clock face

We heard you like Bitmoji, so we put Bitmoji on your Fitbit.

Fitbit and Snap are teaming up to make clock faces on your Versa or Ionic a little more emotive. The two companies have launched a Bitmoji clock face for both Fitbit lines, which can update throughout your day to reflect your activity and, maybe, motivate you to get moving.

The clock face includes more than 50 variations of your Bitmojis, according to Fitbit’s press release. Each one is meant to respond to feats you’ve accomplished or add a bit of motivation to “create healthy habits.” According to Fitbit, some of the variations include:

  • Waving hello to start your day.
  • Dancing with your alarm clock when it’s time to rise and shine.
  • Throwing confetti after you crush your daily step goal.
  • Relaxing when you’ve binged too many of your favorite shows.
  • Meditating when you’re totally relaxed and zen.
  • On the treadmill after a great run.
  • Becoming an avocado when you log food2 — you are what you eat, literally.
  • Carrying an umbrella when there’s a chance of rain so you don’t get caught in a downpour.
  • Sleep walking when it’s time to catch some Zzs.
  • And many more hidden gems.

The new Bitmoji clock face is only available for Ionic and Versa watches from Fitbit. You can grab the clock face now through the Fitbit App Gallery.

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