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Fitbit beats Apple Watch to monitoring blood oxygen levels

What you need to know

  • Fitbit users recently started noticing SP02 monitoring in their Fitbit apps.
  • Oxygen level monitoring is something expected to come to Apple Watch.
  • But Fitbit beat it to the punch.

The more you know, right?

Fitbit has started to roll out oxygen level monitoring to some of its fitness trackers, with the Ionic, Versa, and Charge 3 all seeing new options appear in the Fitbit app.

Users in the US started seeing blood oxygen monitoring – or SPO2 – data appear today according to a Tizenhelp report (via 9to5Mac.) And while the Fitbit app does note that the data is estimated, it’s certainly going to be more accurate than what Apple Watch offers. Which, at this point, is nothing.

Blood oxygen saturation normally fluctuates, but big variations can be linked to breathing issues. Estimated oxygen variation approximates the changes in your blood oxygen saturation.

Given the fact that this feature was added via software, it’s possible that Apple may be able to do something similar if its Apple Watches already have the hardware required. We don’t know whether that’s the case, but it would absolutely stand to reason. There would likely be FDA approval requirements to consider, but it’s possible we could see Apple Watch SPO2 monitoring in the future. Hopefully we won’t need to buy Apple Watch Series 6 to get it, though.

Source of the article – iMore