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‘For All Mankind’ will start shooting its second season next month

What you need to know

  • “For All Mankind” actor Joel Kinnaman was interviewed on a podcast.
  • He confirmed that season two begins fiming in the next two weeks.
  • He also outlined how the show came to be with “Mad Men” being the inspiration.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long after watching season one.

When Apple TV+ kicks off next week there’s one show that I’m particularly looking forward to. “For All Mankind” promises to be quite the ride and star Joel Kinnaman says that the second season will begin shooting soon. Very soon.

Speaking with Variety and iHeart’s “The Big Ticket” podcast , Kinnaman said that shooting begins as soon as two weeks time.

They start shooting the second season in a couple of weeks. “I’m amazed at what they’ve created,” Kinnaman said, adding, “They’ve done an incredible job with it and it’s just been such a pleasure shooting. I don’t think I’ve been this excited to show something that I’ve done to people.”

That’s great news. We’d already heard that the show – and others – had been renewed but the fact filming begins soon gives us hope that we won’t have to wait too long between binging the first season and settling down to the second.

During the interview the star also spoke about how the show came about. We’d heard “Mad Men” references before and Kinnaman once again said that the hugely popular show was inspriration for showrunner Ronald D. Moore.

“It originated with Ron discussing with a friend the idea of maybe doing a Mad Men-ish show in the NASA environment,” Kinnaman said. “But then they started discussing the space race. It was pretty much a sad story. We got to the moon, but then after that, people lost interest, and NASA got defunded, and the whole promise of space exploration didn’t get fulfilled. So then they came up with this other idea, like what would’ve had to happen for the space race to continue?”

I’m so in for this! Which show are you most excited for?

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Source of the article – iMore