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Friday’s top deals: Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, Philips Hue, and more

It’s been a long week, so why not treat yourself to one of these awesome deals? Perhaps then you’ll get that Friday feeling. You deserve it.

Think of the children

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

Amazon wants more people to try its rather awesome FreeTime Unlimited service, so right now you can use it for 3 months for just $3, and you also get a free Kindle e-Book credit.

$2.99 $27.99 $25 off

See at Amazon

FreeTime Unlimited offers unlimited access to kid-friendly apps, games, books, TV shows, movies and more, many of which are educational and can help teach your child. Much of this content is by Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS and other well-known brands. There are also “best-in-class” parental controls that can let you restrict what your child will see and set usage time limits. The content provided is best suited for kids aged 3 through 12.

You can access it on a wide variety of devices, including Fire TVs, Android phones and tablets, and Kindle e-readers. It supports downloading content for offline viewing, age filters, time limits, individual profiles, and more. Check out the rest of today’s best deals below.

Easy on the eye

Minger Govee 6.56-foot TV Backlighting LED strip

If you spend long periods of time looking at a computer monitor or TV, it’s worth considering some ambient lighting to fend off eye strain. It also looks super cool. This LED light strip is half off with code JDSEMJE4 and connects via USB so you can directly hook it up to your display so it powers on when the display does.

$6.99 at Amazon

Time to go for a run

Tribit XSport Fly Bluetooth earphones

Take $12 off these water-resistant Bluetooth earphones with code IHGWPFYP and run in the rain without worrying about breaking them. At this price, they match the lowest we’ve ever seen them go. With IPX7 water resistance and 8 hours of battery life, they are your perfect workout partner.

$17.99 at Amazon

Alexa, get ready for dinner

Philips Hue bundles

Save 20% on these Philips Hue bundles that include several unique smart lights, a bridge, and more. They come with everything you need to turn your dining room or kitchen into a smart lighting masterpiece and the kits also include a 2-year warranty.

20% off at Philips Hue

Under pressure

Sun Joe’s SPX3500 Electric Pressure Washer

Amazon has Sun Joe’s SPX3500 Electric Pressure Washer on sale for $147.49 currently. At around $45 off its average cost, this portable pressure washer is now down to its lowest price ever there. Recently it’s sold for up to $245, so today’s deal is certainly worth jumping on. This 2300 PSI electric pressure washer can be used to tackle some pretty heavy-duty cleaning tasks and comes with an adjustable spray wand and a twist nozzle which allows you to easily control the water pressure.

$147.49 at Amazon

Turn it up

Amazon Tap: Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker

We’ve never seen the Amazon Tap available for less than this and since it’s been discontinued by Amazon, this may well be your best chance to buy the Amazon-enabled speaker. With it, you can have all of Alexa’s smarts with you on the move and 9 hours of playtime. It used to sell for as much as $130, so this is a total steal.

$34.99 at Woot


Tacklife Cordless Electric Screwdriver

This Tacklife Cordless Electric Screwdriver usually costs $21.97, but thanks to coupon code B797VDYT, you can score it for just $12.08 at Amazon. This compact, lightweight powered screwdriver has a rotation speed up to 200 rpm and a high max torque rating so you can complete a job quickly and easily. The kit includes 32 different bits that are perfectly-sized for common household tasks, plus an extender and LED light for tricky areas.

$12.08 at Amazon

This is just a small sampling of the deals that the Thrifter team has uncovered today. If you want to keep up with everything that the crew is uncovering, be sure to follow Thrifter on Twitter and sign up for the daily deals newsletter so you never miss out on anything!

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