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Get a Brydge Pro Keyboard for your iPad Pro for cheap this Black Friday!

The Brydge Pro is a keyboard that turns your iPad Pro into a psuedo-MacBook. And you can snag it for cheap right now!

The iPad Pro is first and foremost a tablet, but you can definitely turn it into a pseudo-laptop if you want to with a good keyboard case. Having a keyboard case will not only make it more comfortable to type on, but it will increase your overall iPad productivity tenfold. Here’s the absolute best keyboard case we’ve found for Black Friday.

Like a MacBook

Brydge Pro 12.9 Keyboard

$100 at Amazon $140 at Best Buy

iPad Pro goes MacBook

The Brydge Pro 12.9 Keyboard turns your iPad Pro into a pseudo-MacBook. It easily attaches to the iPad Pro, comes with a snap-on magnetic cover for the back of your iPad, and comes in two colors to match the 3rd-gen iPad Pro. The keys are backlit, and the typing experience is top-notch.

For the 11-inch

Brydge Pro 11.0 Keyboard

$100 at Amazon $140 at Best Buy

Compact and portabile

The Brydge Pro 11.0 Keyboard is the same thing as the 12.9 version, but it’s made for the smaller, 11-inch iPad Pro. It also comes in two color to match your 3rd-gen iPad Pro.

For older iPad Pros

Brydge 12.9 Keyboard for iPad Pro 2015/2017

$90 at Amazon $140 at Best Buy

Don’t leave out the last gen

The Brydge 12.9 Keyboard easily attaches to the first and second generation of iPad Pro 12.9 inch. This version is older though, so it doesn’t include the snap-on magnetic cover that comes with the newer Pro versions.

The Brydge Keyboard is one of the best Bluetooth keyboards that you can buy for your iPad, especially iPad Pro this Black Friday. Normally the Brydge keyboards are around $170 on Amazon for the Pro 12.9 version, so for $100 and less, it’s a steal!

We actually have tried out the Brydge keyboards with different iPad models here at iMore, and we can definitely attest to the fact that it’s one of the best keyboard cases out there. They not only come in two colors, but the Silver and Space Gray aluminum will also match your iPad Pro perfectly. It’s almost like the Brydge keyboards were designed by Apple themselves, and people will mistake your iPad Pro for a MacBook if you use a Brydge keyboard.

The Brydge keyboards have three levels of backlit brightness, so you can even use them in the dark. There are special iOS function keys to make using your iPad Pro even easier, along with all of the keyboard shortcuts that you can use with a physical keyboard. The newer Pro versions of the Brydge keyboard also come with a snap-on magnetic cover, so the back of your iPad Pro is not exposed to the elements.

There are also two ways to connect the Brydge Pro keyboard. You can either use Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) or even plug it in via USB-C, which will also charge it up as you use it. The typing experience that you get with a Brydge keyboard matches what you would expect from a full on MacBook, so this definitely turns your iPad Pro into a new kind of touchscreen laptop.

Source of the article – iMore