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Get a cheap OtterBox case and throw that phone like you just don’t care

If you have an iPhone, then you know that they can be pretty fragile when you drop them. They’re made of glass, after all! That’s why you should protect it with a high quality, durable case, and OtterBox is one of the best brands around. For Cyber Monday, you can find a variety of OtterBox cases on sale for 25% off over at Amazon.

The best protection out there

OtterBox brand iPhone Cases

From $30 at Amazon

Tough and rugged to slim and stylish

OtterBox has many different styles of cases, from the tough and rugged Defender series to the slimmer but equally protective Symmetry series. They offer a wide variety of color options, designs and patterns, and styles to choose from. Right now, all of their cases for the iPhone 11 line, as well as some Androids, are 25% off at Amazon, but this sale won’t last long!

Long ago, OtterBox seemed to only really have the Defender series, which is one of the most rugged, tough, and durable cases on the market. No matter what you throw at your iPhone in a Defender case, it will withstand it, and then some. But these were never pretty to look at, as they’re big, bulky, and look like a tank (because they are).

Since the original Defender case, OtterBox has come up with many more styles to choose from, including more chic options for fashionistas. There is the Commuter, which is a fairly rugged case on its own, but it is a bit slimmer and sleeker than the Defender. There is also the Symmetry, which is a slim but tough case with a ton of different colors and designs to choose from, including glitter.

I have a few of the OtterBox Symmetry cases, and they’re some of my favorites. They’re slim enough to not feel overly bulky, and offer the same tough and durable protection that OtterBox is known for. They also have so many cute designs and styles for the Symmetry, including glittery clear options, and they always seem to be coming out with more options to choose from, including Disney every now and then!

And while the Otter+Pop case isn’t on sale, that’s also one of my favorites. It’s a Symmetry style case with a built-in PopSocket that sits flush with the case when it’s not in use. It’s super convenient to have when you want to take the perfect selfie at Disneyland, and it stays out of the way when you don’t need it. No need to take it off when you aren’t using it, and it is compatible with some wireless chargers.

No matter what kind of phone protection you’re into, OtterBox is a well-known and trusted brand, and this Cyber Monday sale is a great time to pick up some new iPhone 11 cases.

Cyber Monday!

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