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Get the best of both worlds with Burkley’s 2-in-1 Wallet iPhone Case

Sometimes you want a wallet case, sometimes you don’t.

Burkley’s Carson Magnetic 2-in-1 Leather Wallet Case for iPhone is a solution to a common problem. In some situations, it’s nice to have a wallet case so you can stow your cash and credit cards in your phone case and leave your wallet at home. But perhaps other times, it’s nicer to carry the phone alone in a sleeker case. This case covers both situations easily so you don’t have to change cases.

Burkley Carson 2-in-1 Leather Wallet iPhone Case

Price: $69

Bottom line: If you need a wallet case only some of the time, this is a great option

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The Good

  • Two products in one
  • Hand-crafted from premium full-grain leather
  • Can be used as a kickstand
  • Four slots
  • Wireless charging compatible (snap-on case only)
  • Attractive color and texture options

The Bad

  • Bulky
  • Magnet could be stronger

Two products in one

Burkley Carson 2-in-1 Leather Wallet iPhone Case: Features

For many of us, there are days when you want to carry all of your essentials with your iPhone and not have to carry around a separate wallet. There are other days when you’d rather have a slimmer case on your phone, and keep your other valuables in a wallet. With Burkley’s Carson Magnetic 2-in-1 Leather Wallet Case for iPhone, you don’t have to choose, and you don’t have to buy two separate cases for these purposes. This hand-crafted case consists of two separate pieces that fit together magnetically.

The basic case snaps on and peels off easily. It has a tough rubbery bumper that comes up just over the edge of the iPhone screen for face-down protection. There are button covers for the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons. Cutouts allow full access to the mute switch, speakers, and Lightning port. The back of the case is a premium, full-grain leather. There’s a cutout for the camera and a tastefully embossed buffalo Burkley logo near the bottom of the case. Natural leather does develop a patina over time.

The wallet portion of the case has one large cash slot and three cards slots that will hold one card apiece. There’s a nice suede interior, as well as a magnetic flap to hold the wallet closed. You’ll notice a cutout for the camera on the back, and three tiny cutouts on the front so you can talk on the phone when the case is closed.

This high-quality full-grain leather case has you covered if you only need a wallet folio some of the time.

Your iPhone is fully functional within this case. Wireless charging works fine with just the snap-on case on your iPhone. However, in my testing, wireless charging did not work with the wallet folio on.

There are two separate magnets in play here, one inside the folio and another in the closure tab. The case with your phone in it attaches magnetically into the wallet folio. This interior magnet is secure enough to defy gravity when I hold the wallet open, but not when I shake it. The folio can be used as a kickstand for video viewing, but because the magnet isn’t super strong, it does take some fiddling to get it to stay in position. The magnetic tab that holds the whole folio closed with the phone inside is quite secure.

Burkley offers a delightful selection of leather colors and textures. Mine is Ostrich Blue. I don’t think it’s actual ostrich leather, but rather regular cow leather that’s been textured to look like ostrich. There are lots of other colors without the ostrich texture, such as Distressed Antique Coffee and Sunflower Yellow. Braided Leather is another texture option. For an upcharge, you can have your case monogrammed, have it made into a wristlet, or add a tempered glass screen protector.

Great idea

Burkley Carson 2-in-1 Leather Wallet iPhone Case: What I like

What I like most about this case is the flexibility. I like the functionality of a wallet folio, but I don’t always need it and don’t want the added bulk when I’m not using the wallet portion. Rather than having to switch cases around all the time, I can keep the snap-on case in place and just pop it in and out of the wallet folio as needed. I also appreciate the quality of the leather and the appealing colors and textures Burkley offers.


Burkley Carson 2-in-1 Leather Wallet iPhone Case: What I don’t like

When it’s all put together, it’s pretty darn bulky. Less bulky, perhaps, than a separate iPhone in a regular case plus a wallet, but still. Also, the interior magnet could be stronger. I found the kickstand function to be kind of weak; I probably wouldn’t use that very much.

Overall great solution

Burkley Carson 2-in-1 Leather Wallet iPhone Case: Bottom line

4 out of 5

Besides a few minor complaints, this is a fabulous two-piece case that serves several purposes. The interior case is fairly slim but substantial and protective enough to withstand drops. The separate folio wallet portion of the case has you covered when you want to leave your wallet at home, with a cash slot and three card slots. It’s all held together magnetically so you don’t have to worry about your valuables falling out. With ten different full-grain leather color and texture options, there’s something for everyone.

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