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Google app won’t show search results for ‘What is iMessage?’ Nice one, Google.

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Curious about what Apple’s iPhone messaging system, iMessage, is all about? You might be tempted to fire up the Google app on your Android phone and do a search. However, you won’t find any results that way.

In what appears to be a strange bug (first spotted by a Reddit user), performing a search for “What is iMessage?” using the Android Google app turns up a blank set of results. The “bug” appears to be happening on every Android device around the world — in our testing, we couldn’t find a device on which the bug didn’t appear.

Try it for yourself by following the steps below:

  • On your Android device, open up the Google app (not Google Assistant, the actual Google app).
  • At the top, in the search box, type in “What is iMessage?” The quotes, capitalization, and question mark are all optional.
  • You should see no results at all and a message that says, “Sorry, I can’t find any.”

Google What is iMessage bug

Obviously, Google should report millions of results for that search query. You can check to see the real results by using Google Assistant, the Google webpage, or any other Google product. You should see plenty of results to fill pages.

We’re not at all sure why this bug is happening, but it is pretty funny that an Apple-related search query causes the problem. It’s especially funny when you think about how important iMessage is to many iPhone users and how that is one of the biggest reasons they might not switch to Android.

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Source of the article – Android Authority