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Grab Netgear’s R6700 Nighthawk router on sale for $70 for a few more hours

Buy one while you can.

The Netgear Nighthawk R6700 dual-band Wi-Fi router is down to $69.99 on Amazon. This router has been selling for $90 since last year and was going for as much as $120 before that. The temporary drop to $70 is a match for its lowest ever. This is an Amazon Lightning Deal, and these deals usually only last for a very brief amount of time. This one in particular has about six hours left, and it’s currently around 45% claimed. So it could sell out before the timer runs out, but either way you need to act fast to save money.

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Netgear R6700 Nighthawk Wi-Fi Router

Lightning Deals don’t last forever. Take advantage of this low price while you can. Currently you have less than six hours, and it’s just under 50% claimed.

$69.99 $90 $20 off

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Pair this router with something like the $45 Netgear CM500 cable modem to ditch your ISP’s rental fees. Most ISPs charge a few bucks a month for the cable modem installed in your home originally, so you can recoup the costs you’re paying today after just a few months.

The Nighthawk R6700 is an awesome router with more than 24,000 user reviews giving it 4.1 stars. It has high-powered antennas and has technology that boosts range, speed, and performance. It works well in homes with a lot of Wi-Fi devices, which most homes are these days.

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